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    Los Angeles LAX Airline Memorabilia Show 2010 Photos
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    David Cherkis The Show's Organizer

    I recently attended the bi-annual Los Angeles Airline Memorabilia Show & Sale at the Hacienda Hotel near LAX. My friend and Tahiti travel specialist Jean-Louis has a table of his own goods and encouraged me to come down. It wasn't too difficult to convince me since I love aviation and LAX is right near my house.

    I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but it reminded me of baseball card shows when I was a kid - minus the playing cards and star athletes signing autographs. Actually, the organizer was telling me that John Travolta has shown up in the past to browse the goods since he's an avid aviation collector. He went on to tell me that John is extremely hospitable and doesn't mind fans asking for autographs and photos. I know - I was fortunate enough to fly with him on Qantas' A380 launch and he was so cool to me. When I introduced myself as "Johnny Jet" he exclaimed, "Johnny Jet! That should be my name!"


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