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    Prince Charles & Johnny Jet Photos
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    Prince Charles & Johnny Jet
    Unfortunately, I can't legally link this photo without paying BIG bucks so I'm linking directly from the site. Hopefully, they don't change the URL. Here's the back story: I was having dinner with Marriott's PR extraordinaire Elizabeth Caminiti and her colleague Jenny Mathieson at the Grosvenor House. BTW: I stayed there for five nights when Marriott took it over last year so I got to know the GM - Anthony Stewart-Moore.

    Anthony is a real character and has the best stories ever especially since he used to run one of Washington DC's most famous hotels. Anyway, he walked by so we invited him to join us while we were eating and listening to his outrageous stories he got a call saying that he needed to greet Prince Charles and Camilla at the front of the hotel when they arrived for the Pride of Britain Awards. He left and came back a few minutes later saying the Prince was running late. When the call came again I said you have to let me go with you to take a photo. He said, no problem I just need to ask the Prince's security team. Shockingly they said okay and they positioned me right in front of the paparazzi and fans who were all lined up behind barricades.

    It was freezing outside so I was kicking myself for not bringing my coat and even more so for not bringing my big Nikon camera which I always carry but since I was going to the Travel and Leisure party after dinner I didn't have it just my Blackberry.

    Just about when I couldn't feel my fingers (about 20 minutes) up rolls the police escort and the Prince's car. I snapped this shot of Tony greeting them and then Prince Charles walked right towards me I didn't know what to do so I just stuck out my hand he looked at it for a second (it was awkward) and I was thinking I just made a huge faux paux didn't I but then he shook my hand asked me something - I don't even remember but whatever I said to him back it was good because the paparazzi later asked me what I said to make him laugh. I have no idea I was just thinking I can't believe I just met the Prince. Anyway the following day I spotted the back of my head in the papers but I can't find the one of us shaking hands and talking. I know it's out there since thousands and I mean thousands of flashes were going off.

    Well, that's my London story I hope you liked it. Next week we fly across the pond in BA's new London City Service. Woo hoo!

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