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  • My buddy Leo Laporte turned me on to this site. He registered with the site for his Emirates flight from Dubai to San Francisco, to publish his flight progress for his Facebook friends and Twitter followers. I thought it was so cool to see the updates so I decided to give it a try on a couple of my flights this week. My first attempt didnít work because I put in the flight number and the cities. Upon closer examination, I realized that it asked for flight number OR city pairs. So for yesterdayís flight, I put in the airline cities and then chose the flight number. It all seemed to be working as I was prompted to put in my Facebook and Twitter login information. But after the initial update, it didnít continue to work. Iím sure it was something I did wrong so I will give it another try on Friday but I wanted to be one of the first to tell you about it so you can check it out, too. Obviously my first impression is that itís a little confusing and being run and branded by Lufthansa doesnít exactly help. Users arenít stuck with just that German carrier; you can be flying any airline on any route. Comments on my Twitter and Facebook pages had mixed reviews so try it out and let me know what you think! I love the concept.

  • Tsunami Watcher

  • The last few years weíve seen some major tsunamis around the world. If youíre going on vacation and are worried that a tsunami warning will be issued and you wonít find out until itís too late, here are two websites to register with; they may give you some peace of mind. This service provides tsunami bulletins issued from the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center. The bulletins will contain information specific to people along the coasts of Alaska, British Columbia, Eastern Canada, and the U.S. west and east coasts and along the Gulf of Mexico. For those of you traveling outside of that area (like Samoa or Indonesia), register at for information.


  • Speaking of our friends in the southern hemisphere Ė I was in Australia a couple of months ago and I visited the Rocks Weekend Market. Iíve been many times and my all-time favorite souvenir from there was a novelty license plate. These guys take actual Australian license plates and create cool handbags or photo albums out of them. If you want to have something no one else does, check them out Ė thanks to the Internet, you donít even need to make the trek to Australia, though I recommend you do if you can!

  • We Didnít Start the Swine Flu

  • It seems everyoneís a little paranoid as winter approaches, because of the swine flu. I should point out that the southern hemisphere has just finished with their winter season and there wasnít much news from our friends down there -- so I think everyone should take a deep breath and relax. To make light of the situation, check out this weekís video of the week. Itís a parody using the Billy Joel song We Didnít Start the Fire.


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