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July 30, 2008

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WHERE'S JOHNNY JET?                                 Philadelphia Phillies Ballpark

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Before I wrap things up, I should mention that this past Saturday, my cousin A.J. and I went on a road-trip to Philadelphia. It's a 100-mile, two-hour drive from New York City (depending on traffic), or an hour and a half on Amtrak; fares were $90 return. I wanted to take the train but A.J. didn't and since he arranged the tickets, I had no pull. This was my first trip back to Philly (besides the airport) in years. The city is a lot nicer than I remembered it. One of A.J.'s good friends is Mike Hampton, starting pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, who hasn't pitched in two and a half years. Naturally, A.J. wanted to be there to support his good buddy and I tagged along for the ride. I had met Mike only once at this year's Super Bowl (Go Giants!) and he was great. I was stoked when A.J. invited me because not only were we assured incredible seats, a trip to the locker room and dinner with the players (we went to Dave and Buster's), but I also got to add another baseball park to my list of those I've visited. I'm up to 15 out of 30. Citizens Bank Park is spectacular. Almost all the Philly fans donned red and white team shirts, which reminded me of the loyal St. Louis Cardinal fans, though Cardinal fans still take the cake. Our seats were right behind home plate but I took a stroll around the whole park to check it out from different angles and to see everything it had on offer. Man, there's lots to see, eat, drink and do. I tried an old Philly-style sandwich from Tony Luke's and a mango sorbet from the Philadelphia Water Ice Factory. If you are in the Philly area and the Phillies aren't in town -- don't worry! You can still take a tour of the ballpark (though I'm sure it's not going to be as good). Tours are offered year-round and during the season, on non-game days. For more information, click here.

Okay, that's it for this week. Next week, I'm not even sure where I will be but I do know that I'll be in the U.S. Stay tuned and happy travels.

Sorry! No video this week. But we do have all the Johnny Jet videos ever made on YouTube.

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  • Excellent travel notes. You show a good travel attitude….upbeat, but practical, too. Keep the notes coming! Sue G. from Calif Central Coast

  • I always thoroughly enjoy each newsletter, plus the entire website. They are extremely informative to the inquiring public. Cheers go out to you & your entire staff who makes this operation happen. Who says venturing the world is not fun? Because it is! Best wishes, Richard E - Milpitas, CA

  • Three years ago you wrote about a trip you took to Germany. Just days later I found out I was being sent there for 3 months. Now several years later you write about another trip to Germany. I have been in Germany for two weeks now. Since I seem to follow you here could you please let me know in advance of any future trips you may be planning to Germany? That way I could get some idea of where I might be going in the next months. Thanks. Jebb S – Germany

  • This is the coolest travel-info-tips site ever! My friend Chrissy and I started our travel blog 5 months ago,, and we aspire to one day make this our full-time gig! You give us hope! Ebonee - St. Louis, MO

  • Great story about Margot’s trip to Catalina Island. Some 25 years ago our oldest daughter’s school class spent a week in Catalina at a sleazy hotel. It was an exciting and fun experience. We loved it so much that for the next 10 years or so, our family vacation (one of them) was a week in a Sol Vista condo. Glad to read the Pancake Cottage still makes the Chef’s Mess – that was my favorite breakfast – I tried to eat the entire mess myself – don’t think I ever made it. Geof O’Connor - San Diego

  • Fabulous story on Catalina! Donna H – Catalina, CA

  • I have just been on your website looking up info on getting to Nantucket. I happen to scroll down and clicked on your heading "My Mom". Whew - Incredible. Touching. Thoughtful. Moving. Beautiful. I am sitting here sobbing and can almost feel how much she touched your lives. Jeanette O -

  • I am not really sure how I came across your web page with the tributes to your dear mother, the page was just there on my screen… I have read each entry with heartfelt tears as I could feel the intense love and loss of your mother. It has greatly touched my heart. You were blessed to have such a wonderful mother. What an amazing, beautiful, loving woman. And, how I love her smile! I am grieving the loss of my sweet mother. She died on May 9th of this year to cancer. I am 50 years old and have never been without my mom. Once I married, I moved to the house next door to stay close to my best friend. My mom, like yours, was very wise, strong and spiritual. She was the rock in our family. As you have written, “I’m not worried about my Mom, I know her world is so much better, what I’m worried about is us, because our world just got a lot worse.” That sums up how I am feeling. Anyway, the point of this email is to express gratitude for sharing not only your memories, but your love for your dear mother. It has deeply touched my heart. And, it has helped me in my grieving. …Your mom is still touching lives. Sincerely, R. Johnson - Newport, KY

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