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Name: Dan Saul, president and CEO of Smarter Living Inc.

Business description: A consumer travel news site

How much do you travel in a year? I take a trip about every other week

What are your top destinations? The major U.S. cities

Why do you travel? Because at the end of the day, the most effective way to inspire someone-whether a customer, partner or employee-is face to face. Also, I'm addicted to frequent flier miles.

What are your favorite online travel resources? I'm biased, but my own Web site, Smarter Living, is a great resource for travel tips and savings. For a great list of travel links, check out Johnny Jet

How do you stay connected while on the road? Cell phone, wireless Palm and laptop

What are your top travel tips for other entrepreneurs?

  • The best way to get upgraded is to ask with a friendly smile (and remember that upgrades matter for car rentals and hotels-not just airfares). Also, be sure to ask your travel agent if he or she can get you comped to elite status with your favorite airline or hotel.
  • If you need to buy a ticket at the last minute and without a Saturday night stay, consider buying a tour package. It's not unusual to be able to buy a package with air and hotel for less than half of the airfare-for the same flight! Check sites like Expedia's for packages online.
  • When checking in at a hotel, always ask if you have the lowest rate available for the night. It's an easy way to save money by asking one question.
  • Most major airlines offer extra perks to your company (in addition to the normal frequent flier miles) for meeting certain spending levels. If you're spending more than about $5000 a quarter with a given carrier, be sure to call the carrier and sign up.
  • Don't just book the convention rate for your hotel. More often than not, I find I can get a better rate for the same hotel on the Web or by calling.
  • I prefer the first flight out of the day because that's when delays are least likely.
  • On most of my trips, I try to schedule at least a few hours of free time to do something fun. It makes business travel much more pleasant

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