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The Leebow Letter -- 03/01/2002  Ken Leebow
 Mar 01, 2002 10:01 PST 
Dear Internet Friend,

Today's subject: THE POWER OF ONE.

Much conversation has been devoted to the "Dot Com" companies
who are making money on the Net -- or trying. Of course, many
bytes have been devoted to the "Dot Bombs."

However, the sites today are individuals who have created
incredible Web sites. Monetary gain was not the original
motivation, but in some cases the money or recognition has been

Check 'em out below.

Have an incredible weekend,

Your friend,

Ken Leebow, LLC
660 Village Trace
Building 18
Marietta, GA 30067


Speaking of the Power of One, a very happy birthday
to my very special Grandmother who is 98 today!

-- The Beej --
Fourteen year old BJ has a really good site for homework
and education. His site is so popular that has
picked it up.

-- Harry Knowles --
I don't know how Harry does it, but he's a Hollywood outsider who
knows what's going on inside. He's become so popular that now he
has published a book. Love the Hollywood scene? Enjoy Harry's

-- Happy Trails to You --
I've had the pleasure of meeting Johnny. Super guy.
Johnny has a passion for travel and has created an amazing
Web site for anyone who travels.

Know any sites that qualify for the Power of One? Shoot 'em
over to me.


If you have any friends who would like to receive this newsletter,
all they have to do is send an e-mail to:
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