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666 Flags
We take the summer's worst roller coasters for a ride.
Deep Blue
Just because you’re up to your neck in water, that’s no excuse not to dress well.
It’s a Wrap
Get some of these sunglasses around your head.
  • Shelter those big-ass feet with practical footwear that reflects the real you. Special discounts for those of you with spongy noses.
  • Ask the Sky Girls all those things you’ve always wanted to ask flight attendants. Huh?
  • Why pay Motel 6 twenty bucks a night, when you can crash on the baggage carrousel?
  • Wish We Were Here…Buñol, Spain.

    Finally, we’ve found somebody who gets it. It’s the residents of the sleepy town of Buñol, who, for one half-hour a year, throw caution to the wind and tomatoes at touristas. La Tomatina, a celebration of absolutely nothing at all, provides an excuse for Spaniards to mount the world’s largest food fight. In all, 90,000 pounds of airborne tomatoes will paint the Plaza del Pueblo, leaving the town’s streets bloody with the entrails of plump, red fruit. While Africa’s starving millions enjoy circling flies and bloated bellies, you can enjoy a sumptuous face full of ripe, rosy goodness. If you haven’t made your plans yet, you’d best catch up!
    Revved Up
    Formula One racer Pedro Diniz and his fiancée, Cassia Avila, show off high-speed fall fashion.
      Which U.S. region boasts the easiest women?
    The Northeast
    The Midwest
    The West Coast
    The South
    The West Wing