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From TIME Asia

Letter from Japan: Times Are A' Changing
My advice to Bill Clinton

Asia Buzz: Golden Boy
Is Indian-born Sabeer Bhatia onto another winner?

Cover: Identity Crisis
Caught between the U.S. and Japan, Okinawa, host of this week's G-8 summit, suffers from a split personality

Reader Response: Tuff Turf
Asia Buzz readers give their views on Peter McKillop's question "Why in the world are there American troops in Japan"

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JULY 24, 2000 VOL. 156 NO. 3

Imagine: Airline Food You Can Actually Eat
Ever wonder why airline food tastes like undifferentiated mush? Well, consider how it's prepared

Hong Kong's beaches

Short Cuts
Emirates' business- and first-class lounges at Dubai International Airport opened at the end of June and immediately raised the bar for airside facilities

Web Crawling
Johnny Jet is packed with information

Travel Watch Archive: Browse hundreds of Asian travel tips

Web Crawling


JET SMART Your search for trip tips can stop right here. With links to everything from travel literature to visitors' bureaus—and every commercial site in between—Johnny Jet is packed with information. It also contains some innovative elements: webcams with great visuals of a variety of destinations, a section on passenger rights and a guide to universal gestures that can prevent a social faux pas in most situations.

( travl2rp.htm)

PRACTICAL PAGES Whether you need cheap tickets or a good travel agent, you'll find creative advice here on how to globetrot on a budget. The site is packed with useful stuff—contact info for discount ticket brokers, tips on snagging a seat as a courier, the lowdown on trip cancelation insurance and more. Be prepared to pay for more specific advice like how to get a free flight, although the public domain offerings should suffice for most.

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Father continues search for American backpacker missing in Malaysia


COVER: Startling medical breakthroughs may lead to drugs capable of slowing -- or even halting -- Alzheimer's

JAPAN: Host to this week's G-8 summit, Okinawa is an island in search of an identity

THAILAND: Glitzy gaming houses, some owned by drug lords and murderers, are popping up along Thailand's borders

INNOVATORS: Our new series on the next wave of influential people around the world

CINEMA: Will Chinese director Jiang Wen be barred from moviemaking for seven years?


COVER: Can Hong Kong's Tung Chee-hwa bounce back from a series of badly timed blunders?

MALAYSIA: Cults are nothing new, but raids on the army demand some answers

TAIWAN: Construction tycoon Nita Ing epitomizes a bold new Taiwan

TECHNOLOGY: Wang Zhidong and China's answer to AOL

BUSINESS: Islamic banking catches on in Indonesia

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