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Checklist items - Please check those items that apply to you:

Essential Items:

TICKETS: Plane Theater Train Bus Boat Event
(Bring Confirmation numbers and photo ID and credit card used for purchase)

MONEY: Credit Card Travelers Checks Foreign Currency ATM/Debit Card
(Make sure Pin is only 4 digits)

ID: Driver's License Passport Visa's
(Make 2 photo copies of all important documents and leave 1 behind)

CARDS: Medical Record/Insurance Card Long Distance Calling Card Air/Car/Hotel Cards and Frequent Flyer Numbers

WORK: Laptop Disks Files Brief Case Palm Pilot Calendar Alarm Clock Notepad Pen & Pencils Business Address Book Calculator

ELECTRONICS: Walkman CD Player/Cd's International Adapters Converters Micro Cassette Recorder Chargers

KEEP IN TOUCH: Cell Phone Address Book

FOR MEMORIES: Camera Under Water Camera Camcorder Film Batteries

READING MATERIALS: Glasses Guide Books Maps Books Magazines Newspaper

SNACKS: Bottled Water Fruit Energy Bar Energy Bar Gum Mints Candy

AIRPLANE AMMENITIES: Ear Plugs Eye Mask Inflatable Pillow

MEDICINE KIT: Prescriptions Vitamins Thermometer Bandaides Motion Sickness Patches Pepto Bismal PMS Pills Aspirin/Tylenol Cough Drops Tissues Nasal Spray Lip Balm Antacid Eye Drops


(Best to bring travel size and wrap in plastic to prevent leakage)

MOUTH: Toothbrush and Paste Floss Mouth Wash

HAIR: Brush Comb Gel/Mousse Razor & Blades Shave Cream Hair Dryer

SHOWER: Shampoo Conditioner Soap Shower Gel

PROTECTION: Face/Body Sunscreen Condoms Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitizer Chapstick Sunglasses

BODY: Deodorant Lotion Cologne Nail File Q-Tips


(Want clothes less wrinkled? Wrap individually in dry cleaning bags)

SHIRTS: T-Shirts Long Sleeve Short Sleeve Dress Shirts Sweat Shirts Turtle Neck Tank Tops

PANTS: Dress Pants Slacks Corduroys Sweat Pants

SHOES: Dress Shoes Tuxedo Shoes Flip Flops Boots
(Wrap Shoes in Plastic)

DRESS UP: Jacket Tuxedo Blazer Suit

UNDERWEAR: Socks Boxers Briefs Pajamas

ACCESSORIES: Ties Bow Ties Cumber Bun Studs Belts Jewelry

SUMMER: Shorts Swim Suit Towels Visor Sunglasses

WINTER: Hats Gloves/Mittens Scarf Ski Jacket Long Underwear Sweater Boots

BAD WEATHER: Umbrella Rain Coat Jacket Poncho

GYM CLOTHES: Shorts T-Shirts Socks Tennis Shoes



CAMPING: Tent Sleeping Bag Pillow BBQ Food Water Matches Flashlight

PICNIC: Basket Utensils Napkins Plates Food Drinks Candles Cooler

SPORTS: Fishing Pole Racquets Balls Gloves Sticks Uniform Bats Frisbee

WINTER SPORTS: Skis Poles Snow Board Boots Goggles Ice Skates Stick Helmet

BEACH: Towels Bathing Suit Chair Suntan Lotion Radio Volleyball Kids Toys


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