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British Virgin Islands
    Leverick Bay Hotel in Virgin Gorda Photos
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    Leverick Bay Hotel in Virgin Gorda
    Getting in early also meant we could check into our hotel and have dinner sooner. That's a good thing, because finding someone who works at the Leverick Bay isn't an easy thing. They don't staff the reception, but luckily the woman in charge was nearby. She gave us our room keys, helped us load our bags into her truck, and drove them up to our rooms. She informed us the grocery store on property closes at 7 p.m. so we went to stock up on bottled water, ginger beer, and snacks. By the way, the store has quite the wine collection. The rooms at Leverick Bay aren't anything grand, but they are of a good size and are fairly clean and comfortable. They have balconies, high ceilings, tiled floors, a ceiling fan, air-conditioning, mini-fridge, old TV, ancient small safe, and phone. Don't bother calling reception because no one answers. I learned that the hard way when I misplaced my room key, but I got it opened thanks to the bartender who phoned one of the M.I.A. workers. FYI: Bring shampoo and conditioner, because they don't supply it, but there are plenty of mini bars of cheap soap. Leverick Bay also has a Laundromat and free Internet, which is painfully slow except when everyone is sleeping in the middle of the night. Rates begin at $119 a night, but next time I will stay at Bitter End Yacht Club or possibly Saba Rock.

    About the British Virgin Islands
    This was my first time to the British Virgin Islands (BVIs) and I was surprised to find that they deal in U.S. dollars and have electrical outlets that fit our plugs. I also learned there aren't that many workers that are originally from the BVIs working there; most of them are from the other Caribbean islands. But all the people were friendly and the waitress at our hotel restaurant touched my shoulder whenever I said something funny--including a wise crack on how could they not offer dessert. Other notables: I didn't need a sweater as the temperature ranged from 78F to 86F, but you do need bug repellent--especially after it rains (they sell it at the local grocery store).


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