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February 7, 2007

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Club Med Cancun Yucatan
If you are looking for the perfect family vacation check out the new Club Med Cancun Yucatan! The resort just celebrated its grand opening on November 17, 2006 – the existing club was also renovated, introducing visitors to many new, exciting and sophisticated changes. The Marc Hertrich studio of Paris (an internationally renowned design firm in France) is responsible for the overhaul – huge splashes of color, sophisticated lighting, flat-screen TVs in every room and so much more. But most importantly, if you’re considering Club Med Cancun Yucatan for a family getaway, it offers an extensive number of services to accommodate you and your family. But, we’ll get to that in a minute – first, the fabulous food!

The Food at Club Med
The fantastic news is that at Club Med, international chefs prepare the food and the meals are healthy and delicious. They provide special meals for babies and children, such as baby food and puréed fresh fruits and veggies. Yogurts, oatmeal cereals and the whole spectrum of baby-friendly foods (plus, there are grinders and blenders for pureeing your own food. I couldn’t help but think that if I had a newborn with me, I would be all set! They made it so easy by thinking of everything for you. How many times have I been on vacation and constantly had to ask for specific baby items over and over again? It always seemed like such an imposition. For once, it was in front of me for the taking.

As for the adult food, it was an adventure trying the Mexican food and fresh daily seafood. The French baguette with vanilla chocolate was killer. It was one of Johnny Jet’s favorites. He was trying to figure out how to bring it home. There were so many different food stations - from homemade pastas to fresh veggies and heavenly jumbo shrimp in spicy Creole sauces. My brother was too embarrassed to walk around with me and my overflowing plate. He would tell me which room that we could meet up in. He always asked “are you hungry?” and then just stare at me while I devoured each plate. He couldn’t believe I had room for dessert! But, I’m the type who would easily forfeit my entrée for a great dessert any day!

Speaking of which …The desserts blew me away! For example, the French chefs proudly made mini chocolate mousse and crème brulée designed in the shapes of mice and kittens. The chocolate, I was told, was imported from Belgium and I have never tasted anything so delicious in my life! There were chocolate fountains with delicious strawberries, passion fruit, pineapple and guava. The good news is that we sat with the techs from Peter Greenberg’s group and they were not only very nice and fun, but just as indulgent in the desserts as I was. In fact, one of the girls came back with two plates with everything on it and tried each mini assortment! I thought Johnny Jet was going to fall backwards off his chair! (Living in California and drinking a shot of wheat grass every day has really turned him into a health nut. He has to lighten up and live a little!)

You will also be able to feast on the all-day-dining and all-day-snacks. Plus, the bar is open until 3am. Sit back and relax while enjoying all-day-tapas at the resort restaurant La Pergola which overlooks the ocean. Don’t worry about gaining weight because you’re in luck. The gym (which provides a great view of water-skiers turning the bend of the lagoon) is open all day. And the totally fit and gracious GOs (Gentils Organisateurs, the name for Club Med workers) will keep you busy with outdoor activities including “The Circus” (25’ high trapeze), snorkeling, sailing, tennis, aqua-size, yoga, Pilates and dance lessons, just to name a few …

Thanks to these knowledgeable GOs, you’ll be ready to go from adventure to adventure. For example, the night before our departure I was speaking to Jim, the waterskiing GO. When I told him that I regretted not waterskiing, he actually offered to take me and my friends waterskiing early the next morning before our flight. He said that he just wanted us to make our trip complete and was willing to take us on his only day off in two weeks. I would have, but my brother, Johnny Jet, was going to be featured live on The Peter Greenberg Show very early the next morning and I couldn’t miss that. That’s what’s taking me back for more. The GOs love their jobs that much and are very proud of their talents. But beyond that they are dedicated to making sure you are having a wonderful time!

Kids Mini Club
My job is to tell you about why the Kids Mini Club will work so well for your family. Having two kids of my own, I know how stressful it can be trying to balance enjoying a vacation with my husband while keeping our kids happy and safe all at the same time! Well, fear not! This new Club Med brought in the finest marketing team in the world to mastermind the perfect vacation package that is chock full of goodies, magic and pure fun! Every day that I spent at the new Club Med Cancun Yucatan was equivalent to the same feeling of waking up on Christmas morning! I felt alive, energized and ready for more fun activities. The Mini Club is free of charge and accommodates 4-10 year olds. It is a large turquoise building and has both indoor and outdoor activities planned for your youngsters. The Mini Club has its own swimming pool with a lifeguard from 9-5:30 daily. Dinner service is at 7pm with a show afterwards until 9pm in the theater. What more could your kids imagine on a magical island?

Baby Welcome
Baby Welcome are exclusively designed rooms to make your child feel special and meet all of his/her needs. It is also situated near the Mini Club. If you have older children feel free to ask for one of the 100+ connecting rooms so you can keep an eye on the rugrat(s). The room comes fully outfitted with a stroller, playpen, high chair and bottle warmer all free of charge. There is also a safety kit to babyproof your room.

The Junior Club
The Junior Club accommodates kids from 11 to 17 years of age. It offers the same activities as the Mini Club but also includes waterskiing, windsurfing and snorkeling. It’s pure genius! Parents are not permitted in! We are actually off limits to the facility! This is where your children will meet other kids and have the time of their lives! They’ll make lifelong friends and will have the full benefit of being on vacation away from their parents.

As a teenager back in the 1980s, I remember going to my father’s American Trial Lawyer Conventions, which had a similar concept. We gathered in common rooms, which were essentially game rooms, with jukeboxes and a few pinball machines (with babysitters!) where all of the children could spend their days together. It was such a thrill to meet all of these fun kids from different places. We also had organized tours of the various cities with our new friends and future pen pals. I’ve kept these wonderful memories with me forever. The theme of The Junior Club room is a car wash and it’s decorated with waterfalls and real retro cars from the ‘60s. Plus, the teenagers have access to a smoothie bar and their own mailboxes. They can watch movies, have access to the Internet and there’s a hip music area. Obviously, it’s more populated during the school vacations. This is something that every teenager will enjoy and the younger kids will look forward to, as well!

Babysitting and Holidays
In-room babysitting service is available if you make reservations 24 hours in advance. There is no minimum number of hours. The fee is $15 an hour for the first 4 hours and after that the rate comes down to $10 an hour. You can also opt for $75 a day. The age limit is 10 years old. I say, spend the $75 on the babysitter and go see the Mayan ruins with your spouse, have a romantic lunch and go snorkeling. Or, if you are on vacation to spend more time with the kids, save the babysitting money and take them on the short bus ride to the ruins (only 30 minutes away) and have a fun family day!

Activities You Don’t Want to Miss
You HAVE to try this: At the Circus you can learn how to fly on a trapeze and your children can experience it too (four year’s old an up)! I ended up doing the trapeze myself and came back each day to learn more moves! It is truly a thrill you will never forget and it’s totally safe! Johnny Jet actually went all the way to the catch! He’s the bomb! Afterwards, he yelled, “I love to fly!” – and you will, too! Since children don’t have the same inhibitions as adults, they do very well with this!

Other activities include sailing, tennis and basketball. Your kids will love the GOs. They are all very upbeat and have years of experience in their profession. Their job is to ensure that your kids are having the best times of their lives every minute of the day! They are confident, happy young adults with very nice dispositions. They are caring and easygoing. When leaving the facility, I felt like I was leaving my good friends behind. I couldn’t wait to book another trip!

The Club Med Cancun Yucatan is truly paradise. A fantastic lunch, a light nap and the ride on the twenty five foot trapeze transformed me from a tired, overworked mother of two to feeling like a 25 year-old enjoying the adventure of travel and spending time with my younger brother whom I haven’t spent quality time with in years!

I hope that you have the opportunity to experience Club Med Yucatan at this spectacular oasis in its new and improved set-up. Staying there did so many wonderful things for me and it will for you, too. Don’t forget to get a fabulous massage while you’re there. Book it early to make sure you don’t miss out! I loved the canopy beds around the pool where you could read and doze off at your leisure. The bar area boasts three-foot high burnt sienna orange candles that give off the most beautiful aroma of cinnamon and sandalwood in the evening. The nights are carefree and the specialty drinks are outrageous. It was everything I had imagined Mexico to be and so much more. The music, the dramatic lighting, the exotic and delicious food and of course, the GOs are the perfect recipe for having a fabulous vacation … What are you waiting for?

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