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2010 PRSA in ASPEN
    Plane Left Without Me Photos
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    Plane Left Without Me
    All was smooth on my United flight from LAX until the Captain got on the horn about 90 minutes into the 105-minute flight and said that we'd be going into a holding pattern as the Denver International Airport was closed due to tornado warnings. We circled in calm air for 40 minutes with the other planes and I listened to the control tower communicating with the pilots on channel 9 (United allows this, which is super cool). Unfortunately, I could hear the other pilots saying that they were running low on fuel and needed to divert to Colorado Springs soon enough, we were in the same boat. However, just as we were turning to head for Colorado Springs, the Denver airport opened and asked our UA814 pilot if we wanted to go to Denver. Uh ... yeah! Fifteen minutes later, we were the second aircraft to land at DEN; it was a bit of a rough ride on the way down due to the high winds. You can bet everyone clapped (including me) when we touched down. FYI: I donít have any pictures because on this particular 757, row 13, where I was seated, doesn't have a window. Talk about bad luck.


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