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2010 PRSA in ASPEN
    Arrival In Aspen Photos
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    Arrival In Aspen
    Fellow passengers offered me a seat in their rental car but I decided to stick it out and roll the dice since it was dark and I didnít really want to drive with strangers. My wait paid off as I was able to get on the delayed 8:12pm flight. Even when I was sitting in my seat, I wasn't sure it was going to happen because after we pushed back from the gate, the pilot announced we were number 25 for takeoff which was about an hour wait. It was 9:30pm and if any more thunderstorms rolled in we wouldn't be able to make it since the Aspen airport has a strict curfew of 11pm. We must've jumped the line because we took off within 30 minutes. TIP: In the summertime I recommend flying in and out of Aspen on the early flights as the later flights get delayed or canceled from thunderstorms and high winds, or so I've heard. I've also heard that if bad weather rolls in, United will switch the equipment from a comfortable CRJ700 jet to a prop plane.


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