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    Los Angeles to Honolulu on Delta Airlines

    I flew to Honolulu on a Delta 767-300 aircraft. Flight time was 5 hours and 47 minutes; I gave the gate agent a box of chocolates after she blocked a whole row for me (the flight was fairly empty).

    This was my first time flying since the Christmas Day terrorist attack and what I noticed the TSA handling differently was that they had agents frisking most of the men boarding my plane-including me. What's crazy is that they didn't even bother to look in my two carry-on bags. The TSA also had four or six agents just standing in the gangway with their backs against the walls, spread out in twos facing each other. I assume they were supposed to be looking for sketchy people but I didn't see them stop anyone nor did it make me feel any safer.

    The flight attendants were very senior (most had been flying for over 30 years) since Hawaii is a desirable route. Usually senior flight attendants (FA) aren't very friendly but this crew wasn't the norm and they were doing a turn, which means they flew to Hawaii and back without getting off the plane.

    I knew one of the flight attendants so she offered to buy me breakfast but unfortunately Delta doesn't offer desirable breakfast option (flights departing 5:009:45 a.m.). Choices were a muffin ($2) or egg salad wrap ($7). I settled for the anytime snack of cheese and crackers ($6). My friend said they don't sell very much breakfast in economy. She thought it was due to passengers bringing their own food but I bet if they had a better selection the results would be different. FYI: Delta, like most airlines, only takes plastic (no cash) so be prepared if you are planning on buying food or drinks on board.

    Each seat had an individual entertainment system and they offered movies for free. HBO specials cost $2 a pop. Live TV and wireless doesn't work once the plane is 50 miles off the mainland.


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