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    Los Angeles to Seattle Photos
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    Los Angeles to Seattle
    Greetings! If you have been following me on Facebook and Twitter, then you know I've been all over the map. I'm finally home (for a bit), where I'm catching up on my bills and stories. I will start with my trip to Iceland last month. Most of my friends were surprised to learn how close Iceland is to the United States, and I bet you'll be surprised too. Would you believe from the West Coast it's just a 7-hour-and-15-minute flight, and from New York it's less than five hours? This week we also have stories on Louisiana and Montana!

    I recently wrote about my flight from Los Angeles to Seattle on Alaska Airlines. I made two of those flights in 10 days, and here are some of my notes from the first journey:

    -The aircraft was a 737-800.
    -Flight time was 2 hours and 2 minutes.
    -They had Wi-Fi for $9.
    -They sold food, including pasta for $6.
    -The flight attendants and gate agents were friendly.
    -During the drink service, flight attendants handed out little bags of mixed nuts with pretzels and soy nuts.
    -I had a three-hour layover and discovered that the Seattle airport is really nice.
    -For food recommendations I asked my friends on Facebook and Twitter. My buddy Scott McMurren from the AlaskaTravelGram had the best reply. But I went to Pallino Pastaria and had a fine chicken, mozzarella, and basil panini ($9.89) and a bottle of water ($1.50).
    -I couldn't tame my sweet tooth, so I went next door to Dish D'lish for a ridiculously fattening cookie ($2.19).
    -My Icelandair flight was departing from the S gates; to get there I hopped on the airport tram. I was happy (and surprised) I didn't have to go through security again. NEXT PAGE


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