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    Turkey Sandwich on Delta Photos
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    Turkey Sandwich on Delta

    Last Monday, I flew LAXJFK on Delta. Flight time was a quick 4 hours and 41 minutes and I passed the time by working on my laptop and chatting with the flight attendants and my seatmate. As always I started off on a good foot as I brought the flight crew chocolates (Hershey Kisses), which put a smile on their faces (we all know how difficult their job is). It also helped guarantee the best service. In economy they came down the aisle twice with the drinks and Buy On Board food carts. I bought a Todd English Turkey Sandwich ($8).

    Just before we landed one of the other flight attendants said to me, "If all passengers were like you my job would be wonderful." That made my day and it got me thinking: How hard is it to give a $2.49 bag of chocolates and say please and thank you?

    BTW: I sat next to a pilot and I kept asking him questions, trying to figure out what scares these guys since I used to be afraid to fly. I asked him: "Does flying from the mainland to Hawaii scare you [it's the longest open-water route in the world since there are no islands in between]?" Nope. "How about flying to South America since the S.A. air traffic controllers are supposedly not that good." Nope. "How about fools like the Christmas Day bomber?" Negative. "How about the fact that they don't do a great job screening cargo?" Not really. "How about severe turbulence?" Nope. "How about flying RJs [regional jets] run by sister airlines?" Ding Ding Ding!

    My seatmate said he never ever puts his family on regional jets since most of the pilots are younger than his kids and inexperienced. He went on to tell me that he rarely flies them himself except when he has to and only if the weather is clear in both the departure and arrival cities. He believes RJs are hurting his airline since consumers do everything they can to avoid flying them (like me). In fact, the main reason I was flying to JFK instead of PVD (where I needed to be) was so I could avoid riding the RJ (they are uncomfortable, too). FYI: The other thing that scares him is ice (on the wings).


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