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Nintendo DS Lite

Portable video gaming does not have to be a waste of time.

Productivity is not the first thing that comes to mind when watching a sweaty palmed gamer starring nervously while clutching his handheld unit. The Nintendo DS Lite may have just put an end to this. With it’s innovative “Wi-Fi” technology and touch screen design, the DS Lite has the ability to offer many more creative titles that other handheld units cannot. It’s true that the DS Lite may not be leading the “Pixel” race, but fun may in fact be in the hands of the beholder.

I’m not what I would consider a total Nintendo nerd, but I have owned the “Game Boy”, the “Game Boy Color”, the “Game Boy Advance” and finally the “Nintendo DS Lite”. Although, I do not wish to focus on the evolution of the Nintendo hand held platforms, I do think that with the DS Lite, Nintendo has come full circle. I believe the company has turned its focus to portability, gaming title’s that are easy to use and above all FUN!

So the next thing that might come to mind is when would I ever have time to use this thing? First of all, we must always make time to have a little fun. I’m not your therapist, not sure you even have one, but we all have to live a little. If you happen to be one that travels, there should be no need to dig through the back of the seat in front of you looking for something new to read. Why not spend some time to “Train your Brain”. I was recently given the title “Brain Age” to try out and became addicted after my first few sessions. Leave it to Nintendo to develop a game to strengthen your brain, specifically dealing with your prefrontal cortex. “Brain Age” has many fun exercises including “Sudoku” puzzles that track your performance on a daily basis. Each exercise is graphed to show improvements over a period of time and other helpful hints are given throughout the training to be utilized though out your day to improve memory. The program is quite interactive. There is a “personal trainer” that ask you to perform reading, writing and arithmetic task. It’s very entertaining and each player’s stored file is rated in terms of his or her brain age. With regards to my brain age, lets just say there is plenty of room for improvement.

I think one of the DS’s most interesting features is its Wi-Fi capability. These devices can communicate with each other up to 30 feet. Whether your standing in line with a buddy or sitting a few rows back from your significant other its like your sharing the same handheld. If you have no friends that are ready to play and you have a wireless network near, log on and challenge others from around the world. Nintendo has made it really easy to set up and use this feature.

The portability of the Nintendo DS Lite is great. With dimensions slightly larger than your PDA, it makes a great travel companion. I always have mine at work with me and during a lay over I break it out and immediately draw attention. The device itself doesn’t look complicated (Yet it does look pretty sleek). Consequently, people aren’t threatened by picking one up. As I’ve stated above, Nintendo wants its gamers up and playing. Not flipping through manuals trying to find what the button “A” does in combination with some other obscurely located button. With its ease of use, creative titles and Wi-Fi capability, the Nintendo DS Lite should be in everyone’s stocking this year. For more features and specs on the DS, log onto Nintendo’s website at

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Nintendo DS Lite


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