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    Trollfjord Photos
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    When we boarded the ship at 10:15 p.m. they made an announcement that at 11:45 p.m. the real beauty would start. I was thinking, how can anything be more beautiful than the Lofoten Islands? Almost everyone went up to the top deck or sat inside at the bow. It was chilly out, but they served hot vegetable soup (for free). When the captain took a turn into the mouth of the Trollfjord we were all thinking, how's he going to manage this? It's only 100 meters wide and the mountains surrounding it are 600 to 1,100 meters high. It was surreal. The kicker is it's a dead end, so the ships have to turn around at the far end in a space that is 800 meters wide. They go real slow so the whole thing takes about an hour. It's definitely an experience, just like Hurtigruten and Norway. Highly recommended.


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