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    LAX-PHX on United Photos
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    LAX-PHX on United
    To get to Phoenix I flew United Express, though it was really United's partner airline Skywest (you can always tell what airline you are on not by the plane's paint job but by the safety card in the seat-back pocket). The sole flight attendant on the 50-seat CRJ200 was named Katie. From her innocent smile while reading the flight instructions, I knew she was a newbie, and it confirmed it when she slowly rolled the cart down the aisle, making sure not to bump into elbows. I later asked how long she's been a flight attendant, and she said, It's that obvious, huh? It was her second trip. I really hope she doesn't lose her excitement or politeness.

    AIRPORT PARKING TIP: One way to save on airport parking is to Google your favorite parking garage (or just put in an airport city code along with "airport parking") to see if there are any coupons or special offers. I did just that and ended up paying just $18 for three nights at a place that was only a quarter of a mile from LAX with a free shuttle!


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