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    L.A. to Seattle Photos
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    L.A. to Seattle
    It was my second time flying Alaska Airlines up to Seattle in 10 days, so I quickly became pretty familiar with their product and learned some tricks. Here are my notes/observations:

    -If you have elite status with American Airlines (AA) but not Alaska (like me), be sure to have your AA gold card out so you can bypass the long security line and board the plane early (second zone).
    -I found the staff at Alaska Airlines--gate agents and crew--to be very friendly on both flights.
    -Alaska's planes don't have entertainment systems, so bring a good book or your laptop to pass the time.
    -Flight time was 2 hours and 10 minutes on both flights.

    -On my second flight there were about 100 Seattle-area high school band members coming back from performing at Disneyland. Most of them had McDonald's cups full of soda in their hands, so I was really nervous when they boarded, but they all behaved well--except for one across the aisle from me who kept throwing quarters in a cup. He stopped after I gave him the death stare.

    -Flight attendant Heather might be one of the prettiest flight attendants I've ever seen work a flight.

    -Alaska collects cups from the first beverage service, then five minutes later they bring the cart out and serve more. I'm not sure why they don't just offer refills using the same cups. It would not only cut costs for the company and decrease the flight attendants' work, but it would be much better for the environment.
    -Alaska offered GoGo wireless Internet on each flight for $9.95. I paid for it once, but my other flight was on a weekend so I just used its free functions like flight status and destination guides. NEXT PAGE


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