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    Wrong Limo
    I've taken the wrong car rental twice--both times because the hotel valet handed me the wrong keys--but this was the first time I ever jumped in the wrong limo. Expedia arranged car services for all of the bloggers they flew in to Seattle, and as instructed, I called the driver when I walked outside to tell him which door number I was standing in front of. He said in a thick accent that a black town car would be there in a minute. A few minutes later, a black town car pulled up, the young white driver came out and opened the trunk, and I said "John" and he said "yes." He put my stuff in the trunk and we were off. The first thing I said to him was that I was sure he was Indian, and he said that was weird. Then I said thanks for getting me earlier than originally scheduled, and he said no problem. Long story short, it turned out he was supposed to pick up a passenger from L.A. who also changed his flight to the earlier one, and I was in the wrong limo! The driver's name was John, so that's why he said yes when I said John. We were almost in Seattle when we realized the mistake, but my hotel was just a couple blocks from where he thought he was going. I had a bunch of missed calls on my cell phone from my scheduled driver, who was indeed Indian. When I told him the story he said this driver (John) was a thief and that we should turn around. I wasn't going to turn around and John wasn't a thief. In fact, he realized it was his mistake and didn't even charge me (Expedia pre-paid the other company). I did tip him after we both had a good laugh about the whole incident.


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