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    Flagler Steakhouse
    My PR friend Ann Margo invited my dad and me to The Breakers for lunch and to play a round of golf. We began the memorable afternoon at the Flagler Steakhouse. Flagler Steakhouse is one of the hotel's nine restaurants; it's located across the street from the historic hotel and overlooks the Ocean Course. The restaurant is named after Henry Morrison Flagler, who built The Breakers in 1896. As you would expect from a five-star hotel, the service and food was amazing. To start I had the tomato soup with mini-grilled-cheese croutons ($9) and then had the "barbecued" grilled cheese with pulled short ribs, smoked cheddar, and a side of tomato soup for dipping ($16.75). Oh my, was it delish! My dad was a good boy and had the fish of the day over salad. However, for dessert we switched roles: he had Key lime pie while I had a bowl of fresh seasonal berries. I must admit I did dig into Ann Margo's mint chocolate chip sundae.

    Good to Know: The Breakers Palm Beach is one of the few privately held hotels in the U.S. to remain free of chain affiliation and still under the same family ownership, descendants of its founder, Henry Flagler.

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