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January 24, 2007

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Cheers from South Florida! Last time we left off as we returned back to the States from our incredible trip to Malaysia (hereís the link to the archives). This week we take care of some housekeeping, then make our way to the Sunshine State.

After my round-the-world trip I was excited to be home. Of course I wanted to tell all my friends and family about it, but I also needed to get organized and catch up with work (like writing these stories). Before we hop on a plane to Florida, I should include a couple of technology updates. I mentioned recently that my laptop battery was down to a mere 25 minutes of life. Instead of purchasing a new battery, I got a whole new Toshiba laptop (hereís the link). My last one was only a year old, but the amount of time I spent on it was equivalent to 5 user-years Ė I really beat it up. My new Satellite M115 is just a tad smaller than my last, but much lighter and faster -- and with 120GB of memory! So far I love it! A nifty little add-on business travelers may be interested in is the 3M privacy filter. This thin plastic cover that fits perfectly over your screen relieves any concerns about nosy passengers reading your personal emails or data.

Also, my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01 Camera, which I purchased last April in Melbourne, all but died on me when I was in remote areas of Malaysia. Like a fool I forgot to bring my back-up camera. Fortunately, by banging the camera gently on the ground (I donít recommend this technique) I was able to get some more life out of it. That didnít help the spots on the lens (which you could see in the pictures), but at least I had something to show you. When I returned home I immediately sent it off to Panasonicís U.S. service center in Chicago (with a copy of my receipt). Bigston Repair not only fixed it so itís like new; they also gave me a loaner so I did not have to go two weeks without a camera. All it cost me was the outbound postage. Thanks, Panasonic, for great service! Iím only telling you this because my previous camera was a Nikkon Coolpix. When I sent that one back for repair, Nikkon quoted me $188! What a joke Ė I couldíve bought a new one for the same price.

Countless readers have asked if Fiji is safe, because of a coup in early December. I have been informed by friends who visit there and the news media that no one was hurt, and it is still perfectly safe to travel there. In fact, if I had any free time Iíd jump on a plane and go myself. This is a great time to book a Fijian vacation, because most of the resorts are offering incredible deals (see below for two offers). Fiji is one of my favorite destinations, and not just because of the tropical weather, beautiful water and lack of poisonous creatures. Fijians are seriously the nicest people I have come across on this planet. Iíve been there four times, including November 2005 when I brought my dad. Here are the links to our stays at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Namale Resort, and Koro Sun Resort.


  • Air Pacific, Fijiís International Airline extends $754 Fiji fun fares! Air Pacific announced this week they are extending the Ďbook byí date, departure date and duration of stay of their Fiji Fun Fares. Passengers now have until March 30, 2007 to book/purchase their reservation. Passengers may depart up to Jun 17, 2007. Air Pacificís 747-400 non-stop flights conveniently depart Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday evenings (10:30PM) from Los Angeles, arriving in Nadi, Fiji early morning (5:15AM). These timings allow convenient connection times from most U.S. cities to LAX and provide travelerís arriving in Fiji the ability to start their vacation shortly after they arrive, not losing any of their valued vacation time.

  • Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort: Honeymooners and couples seeking a Fijian escape can book six to nine nights and receive two nights free, or stay 10 nights and receive three nights free. This special includes two 60-minute massage treatments, and two one-tank dives per person. For more info click here

  • Vatulele Island Resort in Fiji: Pay for 6 nights and stay up to 10!

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