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February 10, 2009

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WHERE'S JOHNNY JET?                    NYC/R.I./Paris

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Bonjour! We left off from the Rhone Alps and this trip, we'll take France's high-speed train (TGV) up to Paris to check out a new hotel. In addition, we have stories from this past week's travels to New York, where I stayed at one of the city's best hotels before taking Amtrak up to Providence to speak at the Educational Travel Conference. We also have a story on Vegas: Fun (and Cold!) in Tough Economic Times and information on the Los Angeles and New York Times Travel Shows. Incidentally, yours truly is speaking on two panels this weekend so if you're in L.A., come on by and say hi.

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The Trip


NYC Ritz-Carlton


ETC in R.I.






  • In my next life I want to be you. You are one terrific guy. Henry -

  • I love reading your newsletters! I think they are the most interesting and easiest to read of any I get. You really compile some great stuff! Wendy H - Wailea, HI

  • I'm a travel agent and a huge fan of yours!! I love your website and have your book. Your website is so much fun. I feel like I'm along on your journey, looking at your pictures. I have a question, maybe you can help me. I have a lot of clients interested in sailing on the Oasis of The Seas. I noticed in your pictures, that your balcony stateroom was overlooking the courtyard. My question... was it noisy??? Were there people screaming on the zip line? My clients ask me this question all the time, but I have not sailed on the Oasis yet. Marie S - REPLY: Thank you for the kind words and support. There wasn't much noise but we were over Central Park. My friends that were over the Boardwalk said it was really loud during the day with people screaming. I hope this helps.

  • "I love the food in France, Lyon is supposed to be the culinary capital..." Kier J Long Beach, CA

  • "Lyon is spectacular! I lived there for four months and miss it very much. Enjoy your stay!" Kristina Y Connecticut

  • "How I would so love to be in France right now....Cheez, wine , fresh baked baguettes mmmmm." Marcia M Florida

  • "Bonjour! Paris est un endroit qui plait toujours! Une ville vivante et belle et mysterieuse. J'ai envie d'y vivre un mois par an jusqu'a la fin de ma vie!" Andrea H Pittsburgh, PA

  • Knowing where and what you are doing each day is more fun... was only weekly now checking the photo's of where you are is great. I enjoy seeing the places likes Central Park this morning and the pic of the train station. Keeps us checking your site all the time. Keep up this new section of your newsletter. How is your brother, by the way? We prayed a time ago for him. Your family on Twitter would be interesting like you used to on weekly. Your January in Manhattan Beach pics were great. S.S S. CA

  • You should create a contest. Where is the world is Johnny Jet. Leave clues during the week. At the end of the week post a video with the answer Greg R Redondo Beach, CA

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