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February 14, 2007

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Salam Alekoum from (drum roll please)…Morocco! Thinking about the last three countries I traveled to, I realized something interesting: They all start with the letter "M"! I wonder if anyone has ever gone from Malaysia to Mexico and then Morocco in that order -- and in a six-week period? Maybe all this travel has gotten to me, and I’m just out of my head. If so, please excuse my ramblings. At any rate, we left off last week at the Cancun airport (here’s the link). From there I flew to Dallas, L.A., New York and Casablanca. If you’re up for accruing some serious frequent flier miles and joining me on my maiden trip to North Africa, then hop on! Our Royal Air Maroc plane is boarding, and we’re getting set to explore Marrakech! If you want to stay a bit closer to home, our newest writer Juliet Penington has the inside scoop on Lake Las Vegas (Here’s her story).

To save a couple of hundred dollars I flew through Dallas to get home to L.A. That was almost a mistake, because I’ve never seen a longer customs (not immigration) line than DFW’s. Usually the immigration line is time-consuming, but not here. I felt bad for travelers with tight connections, because there was no way they’d make them. Luckily, I had two hours between flights.

In L.A. I worked on the launch of my newest project;! It’s a vacation rental website geared to give travelers a local experience -- and save money. If you’re thinking of renting a home (or have one to advertise), please check out And tell a friend!

I flew to JFK, where once again Delta treated me (a lowly Gold Member) to a free upgrade. How sweet is that? Click here to find out how this happened. I was in Manhattan for only one night, to attend a European Conference at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. I stayed with a friend – not at the Waldorf -- but the hotel sure is beautiful (and huge). A NASCAR event was going on one of the floors. But I didn’t even have time to track down my boy Jimmie Johnson, because I had to rush back to JFK for a red-eye flight here. For transportation options to and from JFK, see this webpage.

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