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February 17, 2009

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WHERE'S JOHNNY JET?                    Palm Beach & L.A.

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Greetings! We left off last week from Providence and Paris. The Europe trip was from last July but we hope it gives you ideas for this summer's travels. I was going to feature Luxembourg this week, but it will have to wait since I just landed in a tropical paradise (I will tell you where next week-or follow me on Twitter for live updates). I do have two stories from last week's adventures: I flew down the East Coast to south Florida, where I stayed at such a swanky hotel that the members of The Who were staying there the night of the Super Bowl, and there's also a slide show from my weekend at the annual Los Angeles Times Travel & Adventure Show, where I was speaking among travel legends (ahem, Arthur Frommer and Rick Steves, to name just two). BTW: While I was at the show I got interviewed by ABC's World News Tonight-how cool is that?! If none of this interests you, then surely my brother Frank's piece on the Telluride Wine Festival will, or Janice Fuhrman's story about taking the family on an Alaska cruise.

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The Trip


Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach


L.A. Times Travel Show


Telluride Wine Festival


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  • It's all about the Golden Rule! "As always I started off on a good foot as I brought the flight crew chocolates (Hershey Kisses), which put a smile on their faces (we all know how difficult their job is). Just before we landed one of the other flight attendants said to me, "If all passengers were like you my job would be wonderful." That made my day and it got me thinking: How hard is it to give a $2.49 bag of chocolates and say please and thank you?" AMEN! Jennifer A. - NYC

  • Loved hearing you and seeing you at the LA travel show. Mallory G – Los Angeles, CA

  • As a long-time reader who enjoys living vicariously through your adventures, I have to say I seriously dislike the new format. There’s hardly anything to read about your trips and I hate all the clicking from screen to screen. I hope it’s just an experiment, but in this Twitter age, I fear it’s a permanent. Too bad. – Deena, Connecticut

  • Really like your new photos with the narrative format. Jim I – Seattle, WA

  • Good photos and instructions [for taking the train to Paris]. Found them to be very helpful as I don't travel overseas all that much, maybe every few years or so and it is helpful for me to get some pointers. Thanks! L. Curley – Berkeley, CA

  • I have 200,000 miles with AA. I would like to fly roundtrip to Amsterdam with my sister. We would like to fly business class (50,000 each person, each way) The airlines say they have no seats from May 11 until May 14 (we would like to fly the 13th but are flexible. Neither do they have any seats between May 28 and May 30. (We like May 28, but are flexible and would fly on May 30th. We have a cruise out of Amsterdam on May 16th arriving back in Amsterdam on the 28th. We were hoping to be in Amsterdam on the 14th and 15 so that we could go to the tulip festival. We have heard so much about it. Do you know of any options we might have? We would really appreciate your help. I have read your email newsletter forever and you are certainly an expert on air travel. I think if anyone might be able to give us some ideas, it would be you. Thanking you in advance. Nancy B- Wheaton, IlREPLY: Johnny recommends calling American Airlines and asking if there is room on any of their One World Alliance partners. If not, look into flying in and out of surrounding cities like Brussels (120 miles away and easy by train), Paris or London (you buy the airfare between London and Amsterdam which is cheap - just be sure it's the same airport as London has a few and schedule a day early so you won't miss your connection). B>REPLY, REPLY: Thank you so much for your quick response. Never thought of the train!

  • Johnny Jet! I was watching "Nightline" last night and they were discussing the actor who was deemed too large for his plane seat and lo and behold, who is interviewed and dubbed as a "travel expert"? Johnny Jet! You looked great, sounded great, and, well ... you ARE great!! J.P. Boston, MA

  • "Got to his the Musee Rodin. If the weather is nice, hang out in the outdoor sculpture garden and eat outside at their cafe. We played hide and seek with my daughter there. One of the most pleasant afternoons ever." Mark D - ?

  • "is that a French macaroon? OMG. " Jaclyn S – Boston

  • "I <3 France" Parisa G –

  • "nice picture Johnny. Enjoy France! Bring back some good Roquefort cheese!" Clement K – Madison, CT

  • Have you tried Perrier with a little mint syrup? Soooo tasty! A refreshing Parisian treat. Tiffany T- Los Angeles

  • Go to the Musee Rodin. If the weather is nice, hang out in the outdoor sculpture garden and eat outside at their cafe. We played hide and seek with my daughter there. One of the most pleasant afternoons ever. Mark D – Batlimore

  • Paris!? - Can I teleport? How fun. I want to be there too. Great photos. Enjoy, enjoy. Margot B – Los Angeles

  • Der re is, you have the life, love your updates – Joey D - NYC

  • I love Paris! My favorite city abroad so far. Linda T – Redondo Beach, CA

  • ooooooh THE BEST macaroons in the world!!! Parisa G – Los Angeles

  • Finally, Antarctica. This seems an odd place to be able to send emails from as I am looking out of a window on the ship and I see huge and huger icebergs. Very dramatic and very beautiful. This is the middle of the summer and generally it rains very infrequently here, much less snow anytime of the year. Antarctica is larger then the continental United States, is 99% ice, has the world's largest collection of fresh water, by far, and is the coldest, windiest, and driest continent of them all. And right now a freak occurrence is taking place. A white out blizzard! As I said, it is the driest continent and all of the water here is, natch, frozen. The captain of the ship who has sailed here for more than 20 years has never seen snow here much less a white out blizzard. At times we can see icebergs if they are within 100 feet. Exciting to say the least. Richard R – Los Angeles, CA

  • Great review of the Solstice! We leave February XX for an eastern Caribbean cruise. Thanks for your info. Joanne J - Canada

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