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March 3, 2010

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WHERE'S JOHNNY JET?                    Trump Waikiki Spa

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Trump Waikiki Hotel and Towers just opened up in November. It's so new none of the Trumps have been there since it opened (shame on you, Donald). Their PR team offered to take me out to lunch and for a quick tour of the hotel, which I usually decline, but since it's such a new hotel I wanted to see it. Well, the hotel looks brilliant and it's the complete opposite of Hotel Renew, including the room rates. The spa was so nice that after the tour I ended up staying to get one of Trump's signature gemstone treatments. Have you ever had or even heard of a massage with precious gem–infused oil? Neither had I. There's a variety of offerings (here's their Spa Brochure, which is a PDF file), but I went with the Emerald massage, which is supposed to calm the emotions and stimulate the heart chakra.

I took a seat in the waiting room, still in my street clothes, when in popped one of the receptionists with a hot beanbag-like neck pillow a dish of Açai and Goji gummy bears (loved them), and some organic peppermint licorice tea to start. A few minutes later in came Hi'inani, my Hawaiian born and raised therapist who was so friendly that I thought it was an act. I said, Come on Hi'inani, you can't be this nice, now can you? She said with her soft congenial voice, When you come to the Trump Spa everyone deserves the spirit of Aloha. She sure gives it. She washed my hands and feet with warm towels and gave me slippers that actually fit my size 13 feet. I then thought maybe she was just being nice to me because she heard I was a travel writer, but I later found out that a friend of a friend who's in the military had the same experience with her.

Hi'inani led me to one of the treatment rooms, which have a local theme and private showers so there's no need for locker rooms. I like it this that way: It's so much easier and cleaner and you don't have to worry about your belongings being stolen. Hi'inani stepped out for a minute, and I got naked and jumped under the soft smooth covers of the heated massage table. Hi'inani began working out my knots with long strokes using the emerald-infused oil. According to their brochure, emeralds are said to hold the energy of the earth, integrating harmony, compassion, and well-being. It also says that emeralds have a detoxifying effect on the liver, they stimulate and revitalize dull skin, and regenerate cell tissue. I don't know if any of that is true, but my 90-minute massage sure felt good. Hi'inani's soft voice and her strong hands (she asks what type of pressure you like) put me fast to sleep. I wasn't even tired, but the mix of the heated table, cozy sheets, her relaxing touch, and her voice saying, It's okay to sleep, Mr. Jet put me out like I was a baby in a car. Drool was everywhere-it was embarrassing. I would like to get the same sheets for my bed, but I'm afraid if I do that I won't want to travel. See, the secret to my going away is that my house is like a cave. I can't wait to get out, and for sure to go back and spend a few nights or months in the Trump Waikiki hotel (and spa). Trump Waikiki Hotel and Towers, 223 Saratoga Rd., Honolulu, HI; Tel.: 877-683-7401.

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  • Your niece is so adorable! I love her little blog posting! Nicole O –

  • I like the new format ... and still haven't been to Luxembourg. Bruce N - NYC

  • I came across your site and I must say, the people in your business are the ones who have life figured out! I’m jealous!! I have traveled quite a bit, but nowhere as much as you! Josh R -

  • That was a great Video of the Spanish Market, so hats off to your Dad. Another subject - talk about airline fees. I made a reservation on Spirit to fly out of ACY and when I went to select our seats, they wanted up to $20 to reserve each seat per flight. What a rip off, and no more Spirit for me!! Burt S - NJ

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