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May 17, 2006

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WHERE'S JOHNNY JET?                                     Melbourne, Australia

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    G’day from Melbourne (pronounced MEL-bun by Australians)!

    I have been to Australia a bunch of times, but because I had never seen Melbourne I felt a void. I’ve always heard how great it is, and that it’s comparable to Boston and Chicago. Now that I’ve finally gotten there, I don’t think it’s like either of those cities. Melbourne has its own distinct feel.

    Melbourne is the capital of Victoria (one of Australia’s six states), located in southeastern Australia. It’s Australia’s second largest city, with a multicultural population of 3.6 million. The largest ethnic groups are Greek (over 800,000), Italian (over 230,000), Jewish (approximately 50,000) and Vietnamese, though there are many other immigrant groups too. Melbourne is believed to have the biggest Greek and Italian populations outside those countries. No wonder why this place is renowned for its food! There are over 3,000 restaurants and cafés. Residents love their food, coffee, arts (more than a 100 galleries), bars, shopping and football. I don’t think I have ever been to a place where the locals are more proud of their city. They are very laid back, friendly and accommodating. Tourism Victoria has even organized Visitor Information helpers. They walk around the city, providing tourists with reliable information on attractions, activities and events.

    Melbourne’s climate is temperate, with one of Australia’s lowest rainfalls. Even with its mild temperatures Melbourne has four distinct seasons, and Melburnians joke that you better be prepared because you might experience all four seasons in one day. Summer (December to February) highs average 77° F; lows average 57. During autumn (March to May) the average high is 68, the average low 52; Winter (June to August) is cool, with average highs of 57 and lows of 45. Springtime (September to November) temps are 68 to 50. The day before I was in town it was sunny and 87, but the weather rapidly changed to a chilly 48-64°F.

    It seems there is always an event going on in Melbourne (here’s a list). While I was here the International Flower Show was taking place. Arguably the four most popular are the Australian Open (mid-to-late January), Australian Grand Prix (late March), Melbourne Food & Wine Festival (mid-March), and the Melbourne Cup (November). I hope to go to all of them one day -- especially the latter with my dad. He loves horse racing.

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