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June 16, 2010

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WHERE'S JOHNNY JET?                    Paris to Zurich

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Yodel ay hee hoo from Switzerland! If you are following me on Twitter (@JohnnyJet) or on Facebook, then you know I was in this beautiful country a few weeks ago on a blogger press trip. Unfortunately, my daily blog went down so I created some slideshows and my regular trip report. If you want to see pictures and read stories from the first half of the trip, which entails a four and a half hour train ride from Paris to Zurich on TGV and a tour around Zurich, then pack your bags and come with me!

In early May, it seems the weather in Switzerland can be a bit iffy. The week before I was there, they had clear blue skies and temperatures in the 70s. When I showed up, it was mostly cloudy with some light rain, and temperatures ranging from the high 40s to the low 60s. But even in those weather conditions, we all had a wonderful time - including Natalie ( who was also on the trip. FYI: For current Zurich weather conditions, log on to


  • Paris to Zurich by train

  • Getting around Zurich, Hotel Engimatt and cooking class at Hiltl

    -Switzerland's official name is Confoederatio Helvetica and if you want to learn how to pronounce that, then watch this 20-second video of our tour guide.

    -Switzerland's population is 8 million.

    -Zurich's city population 385,000 (30% are international).

    -Zurich has more than 2,000 restaurants; that's one for every 188 inhabitants.

    -There are 12 Starbucks in city. They also have McDonalds and Burger King - disappointing I know.

    -If you want fast food, stay away from the American chains and grab a hot sausage.

    -The Opera House is open from September to August and is considered one of the five best in Europe.

    -In the summer, Zurich has 18 manmade beaches.

    My first visit to Zurich was in 1997, which was also my first visit to Europe. I met my brother Frank and Cousin AJ and we traveled all around: France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. The city's attitude has changed a lot since then, when it was ultra conservative. Their image started changing around that same time and what kick started it was their now annual street parade, which takes place in August. Today, the city has over 500 clubs and they can stay open as long as they like. Before, everything had to close by midnight.

    One of the best things you can do in Zurich (and in most cities in Europe if the weather is nice), is rent a bike. From May to October, you can hire any of the 200 robust City Bikes for free. That's right! FREE! You don't need a reservation either; they're available seven days a week. All you need to do is show up at one of the locations (see below) with a valid form of ID and a deposit of CHF 20 ($18).
    Globus City (9am-9.30pm)
    Bürkliplatz (9am-9.30pm)
    Oerlikon-Swissôtel (10am-9.30pm)
    Bahnhof Enge (10am-9.30pm).

    Note: Bikes are also available all year round at the Velogate (Swiss National Museum) and at the Bike Station South (Sihlpost). For more information, log on to Zürich on Wheels.

    Next week I will finish telling you about my Swiss trip as we travel to Lausanne and Montreux, then fly to New York in SWISS' brand new business class seat.

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    Note: This trip was sponsored in part by OpenSkies

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    Pictures From

    The Trip


    Gare de L'est


    Gare de L'est Clock




    Inside Coach Class




    Zurich Tram


    Hotel Engimatt


    Gas Prices


    Swiss Chocolate


    Swiss Nationalism




    Swiss Chef


    Zurich Boat Ride




    Next Week


    • If you are in Paris for lunch I strongly suggest a falafel from the Marais at L'As de Falafel's heavenly. Madeline F - France

    • ah Paris...please give it my love ... for a bit of english speaking after a full day of French French French, check out The Auld Alliance Scottish Pub in Le Marais - 80 rue François Miron. Jamie P – San Francisco

    • So jealous of your lifestyle. – Lacy C – Austin, TX

    • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the city of lights! Linda T – Los Angeles, CA

    • Luv your writings by the way.. great travel adventures! Ham S – Los Angeles, CA

    • Out of all the travel tips you have, I want to hear the one that keeps you going like the energizer bunny. How do you seem to not tire from all the travel. Is it the excitement anticipating the next destination or is the espresso that much better over there? C.K. – Madison, CT REPLY Good question! Never really thought about it so I guess it’s the love of travel.

    • Been there a couple times myself. Love being by the Sacre Coeur near the Montmartre at nite!! Best views of Paris and great art work! Nancy H –

    • You live the life! J.L. -

    • Makes me wish I could jump on a plane and spend a week in Paris. I love the newsletter and love the details you provide about everything from airport security to in-flight meals and street food in France. Your past article on Provence makes me yearn for a trip. Keep up the great work! Tim T - Austin, Texas

    • Your Paris trip was told in such an amazing manner I thought you were making us all feel we were with you. I so enjoy each and every meal you tell us about whether it be on the plane, picnic, or in a bistro or a fabulous hotel or restaurant. The pics are so fun to see and your hotel rooms and service are yet terrific, too. So keep up the weekly tours... I keep up with the twitter daily to see where you really are for the day! You wanted to know what we thought of today's info... over the top, JJ. Sailinsal – So. California

    • Come on Johnny, French waiters are not slackers. I'm really sad and a bit angry at your stereotypical comment: Quote: "Inside I was shocked at how good the service was, but I think one reason might've been that the general manager (a German man) was there to whip the usual French slackers into shape." The above was a very cheap shot! Love your stories but that comment was just painful. Linda Thalman - (

    • It LOOKS AMAZING ..... wow what fun! Loved the one of you and Twiggy, she is legendary! Love the Finger Food at the Sojourn Cocktail Party photo - think it would make an amazing picture/poster. Nina C - London

    • Can I have your job??? Kendall C -

    • Your trip on Seabourn Sojourn. Seems like an advertisement Dad

    • I love London town! Peggy T

    • You are a rolling stone. NQ- Washington DC

    • The BEST bed is at the Sofitel. Love the chummy bar scene there, too. Great casual eats at Cafe Boheme in Theater District. Stacy U –

    • Check out The Milestone hotel near Hyde Park and Kensington High Street for afternoon tea, a great lunch or dinner, or drinks in the Stables Bar. It's the feel of the country in the big city. Claire M - Dubai

    • Love the pics! If you're trying to make people want to go overseas and travel, you're doing an amazing of of it! So jealous! Meghan M – Chicago

    • You have the best job/life ever! Alisa R – Los Angeles, CA

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