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August 25, 2010

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WHERE'S JOHNNY JET?                    Manhattan Beach Open

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This past weekend I attended the Manhattan Beach Open, which is known as the granddaddy of beach volleyball tournaments. Unfortunately for the players, the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP), which ran tournaments all over the U.S., ceased operations just last week. That left the CBVA to step in and bring back the tournament old school. If you ask me, it was perfect timing because 2010 marks the 50th anniversary of the Manhattan Beach Open.

Instead of having a huge commercial ruckus where fans have to pay to get in, sit on uncomfortable bleachers and endure TV cameras and railings blocking the views, everyone gathered ‘round in beach chairs. Or they watched from the Manhattan Beach Pier, which is where the winners’ names are memorialized with a bronze volleyball-shaped plaque on the "Volleyball Walk of Fame", which spans the whole length of it.

This year’s winner was Sean Rosenthal and Aaron Wachtfogel for the men and Tealle Hunkus and Heather Lowe for the women. Each team split a prize of $4,000 a huge drop compared to last year's $20,000. What was also different were the rules and size of court. The court was bigger and there were no antennae so there was a lot more ground to cover. They used a different ball, no hitting the net with a ball on the serve and games were played side out scoring to 15. I loved it. FYI: Six out of the 10 top AVP teams competed but Olympic champions Dalhausser/Rogers and May/Walsh didn’t. They are now touring where the money is with the FIVB in Europe.

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  • Hey. Benvenuto a Roma. Rome isn't short on good food, but I thought I'd pass along info on my favorite restaurant there. I've lived in Rome a few different times and always seem to gravitate back to Da Enzo again and again. It's in Trastevere, it's not on the tourist radar, and it's so effing good. The Norcina pasta--a sausage ragu dish native of Umbria--is amazing. So is the carbonara, as well as the arabiata. Here's a blog post about it. David F - NYC

  • Johnny - thanks for your recent repost of your stuff on Rome, etc. - that sure made it easy for me to pass along to friends planning their honeymoon to Capri and beyond! Kathy M -

  • Johnny! Every time I see the food you are eating I just want to have you for one week try a wellness vacation with me! Shoshana W –

  • Your constant harping on the lack of "purity" of races both this week and last makes me think that you would have felt wonderful in Nazi Germany or Arizona. You must feel uncomfortable everywhere in Europe or is it just Italy? The world has changed and if you can't take immigration-you are in the wrong business. And stay out of New York! L. Stern – NYC

  • If you don't mind refilling your water bottle then look for nasoni (noses) all over Rome. They are curved pipes coming out of the sidewalk with water running. Rome has some of the finest drinking water in the world. Also, your comments on foreigners were not well thought out. You drove through Naples and ascertained that the people you saw were Sri Lanken or African? And you liked your friend's village because it was all Italians and no Asians or Africans? I'm sure you didn't mean it, but it really sounded bad. I've been to Italy 8 times and they have the same issues with immigrants and refugees that the US and other countries have. A little bit of tolerance would go a long way everywhere. Sally P - Lawrence, Mass

  • After seeing your tweets on Capri….I’ve got to go! Kate – Vail, CO

  • "Love your weekly newsletter! Let us bored cubicle working stiffs live vicariously thru you as we read your latest adventures!" Ham S -

  • Like your videos on you tube, one you did of Hong Kong helped me last year when I made my first visit to hong Kong. Jeffrey H

  • I just read your 2008 review by one of your people flying from Sydney to London via Los Angeles on a BA 747 in Club World. It was a fine review with excellent details. Robert N -

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