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October 7, 2009

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WHERE'S JOHNNY JET?                    Athens to London

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Cheerio from England! Last week we left off from Athens and instead of flying directly back to the States, I stopped off in jolly old England to not only make my trip shorter but to review two incredible hotels and check a destination off my Bucket List: Stonehenge. This week, we also have part two of Ramona Zachariasí European adventure. Join her as she tours us around Amsterdam.

We left off last week from the Athenaeum InterContinental hotel in Athens. A taxi from there to the airport took 35 minutes (at 6am; the sunset was beautiful) and cost 33 euro, even though the meter read 21 euro. I didn't question the rate because there was a toll and the concierge had told me that fares can range from 30 to 55 euro.

Natalie and I checked in at British Airways' (BA) business class counter where there was a bit of a line but it took just five minutes. The good news is that we got upgraded at the last minute because economy was oversold and I hold elite status on American Airlines (a BA partner). TIP: Always make sure the agent knows you have status on a partner carrier and always be nice.

Every inter-Europe business class I've experienced has always been mediocre compared to the carrier's long haul routes. I guess I don't blame the airline executives; the flights are all so short, who needs seats with all the bells and whistles? It's the same case with BA. We were on a 767 and business class was configured 2-3-2. Actually, the middle seats are blocked so it's really 2-2-2.

Breakfast came out quickly and was a choice of mushroom frittata, cheese and deli meats or an English breakfast with lots of Canadian bacon, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and a cooked cherry tomato. I had the latter, which was pretty good and fattening.

Instead of watching the movie playing on the dated overhead monitors, I flipped through Natalie's girly magazines (you won't believe the stuff they talk about in those things!) and stared out the window as we flew along the coasts of several countries. It was so cool to see Dubrovnik, Venice and the city of London from the air. FYI: Flight time was a just three hours and 27 minutes. TIP: Bring a sweater or jacket on the plane as the A/C was on full blast.

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