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December 2, 2010

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Greetings from Connecticut! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Just as I predicted, the lame opt-out day did not live up to the hype. I flew on Friday from Los Angeles to New York, which was a fantastic day to fly since the prices were cheap, there was no line at security and I had an open seat next to me. Since security was so quiet, I hung out and chatted with the TSA officers. I asked how it went on Wednesday and they said that things were better than normal because the TSA stocked up on workers and travelers were unusually nice to them. I'm always friendly to them and rarely have problems with TSA. The four best articles I've read on the TSA were by CBS News, Joe Brancatelli, Crankyflier and David Carr. I also found this Washington Post article interesting; it's on how Israel spends 15 times the amount of money we do but they only have 11 million people traveling through their one major airport.

Before I begin to share my story about my trip to Copenhagen a few weeks ago (I'm behind since my computer crashed), I wrote a timely article for on doing a mileage run. Yep, it's that time of year when frequent travelers are hitting the skies to top up their mileage accounts. I was one of them as I spent $100 more on my ticket on Friday in order to fly United. With that flight I achieved Premier on United and all its Star Alliance partners, which gains me all kinds of benefits, which you can read about in my article. Miraculously for someone who used to be afraid to fly, United and Star were the third airline and alliance I achieved elite status with in 2010 so now I'm pretty much dialed in for every major airline. Woo hoo!

I'm now playing catch up with my last few weeks of travels so we'll start with Copenhagen. I visited Copenhagen three times this year, this time for the TBEX conference.

Unfortunately, I lost all of my notes from Copenhagen when my computer crashed so instead of doing the usual long detailed report I'm going do a slideshow since my tech guys were only able to recover my photos thank God. I hope you enjoy it.

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    Note: This trip was sponsored in part by Visit Copenhagen, Momondo and Finnair

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    • I found the news letter and pictures fascinating, can't wait for more. Deborah L - Canada

    • My condolences to you regarding your 'crashed'...the same thing happened to me while writing that Spokane article for you. It turned out to be a nightmare. On to better thoughts...loved your response to the 'amicable' Danish security lady :-) Cheers, Richard F Los Angeles, CA

    • Just arrived into Helsinki, Finland and switched the clocks an hour ahead. It's 8:47am local time

    • You weren't in town nearly long enough! This is a terrific city! Susan M NYC

    • The Lutheran cathedral dominates the Helsinki skyline! It's the first thing you see coming into the harbor. Susan M -

    • That is a very interesting market square..I love the way they cook on the outdoor grills. Did you try any of there selections? Doris J

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