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December 16, 2009

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WHERE'S JOHNNY JET?                    Cozumel, Mexico

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Our last port was Cozumel, which is an island in the Caribbean Sea 30 miles off the eastern coast of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula (opposite Playa del Carmen). The ship arrived at 8 a.m. and departed at 6 p.m.

The port is massive and must be brand new. It’s a long walk to the main busy street, but to get to it requires a maze-like exit through a sleek outdoor mall. For those who don’t want to walk they have Pedicabs who work only on tips right outside the ship—my dad and I took one on the way back (his back hurt). We spent some time walking the streets, passing one tourist shop after another all selling the same knick-knacks for dirt cheap. However, I was on a hunt for one thing—a hearing-aid battery for my dad—and finally found one at a place called Hollywood something about 10 blocks to the left and 5 blocks in. Every store/restaurant takes U.S. cash and most will give you USD in change.

My dad and I hopped in a cab ($10 each way) and drove 10–15 minutes to Chankanaab Park. Again the weather wasn’t good so we quickly walked around their unimpressive Mayan ruins and checked out the Dolphin Discovery, where guests get to swim with dolphins. I was sorry we didn’t sign up for this instead of the Snuba, because this looked amazing and the Snuba was canceled. Instead we grabbed chicken tacos ($7.50) at their La Laguna restaurant. They were pretty good and we took a chance with their hot sauce, which was fresh salsa. I prayed it wouldn’t get us sick and it didn’t. The restaurant was cash only but the prices were reasonable. A bottle of water was $2, which is cheap compared to Disney—which this place basically is. Chankanaab Park.

The next day we were at sea and the following morning we returned to Fort Lauderdale. Even at the ports, U.S. Customs can’t get their act together. It’s so frustrating to stand in line for over 45 minutes to have someone quickly glance at your passport. Don’t you think they should staff more than six agents for 3,100 passengers? What a joke.

Overall the trip was amazing and the Crown Princess turned out to be an excellent ship. I would love to go back next year for either a family reunion or my dad’s birthday. To get a better feel of our trip check out this seven-minute Johnny Jet video.

Next week - Palm Beach!

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Note: This trip was sponsored in part by Princess Cruises & Chankanaab Park.

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  • LOVE IT! I just found your site…..your video made me fondly remember some trips to Hong Kong and look forward to my next.

  • Keep up the good work! You have earned a bookmark! Scott B -Brownstown, IL

  • Heading off on the Crown Princess in February for our kids winter break. Looking forward to hearing what activities you choose to do off the ship. What to do and what to stay away from! Thanks for all your entertaining information. Chris - Maine

  • Hi, JJ. After following for years how you have climbed up the successful ladder. I am thrilled you finally found cruising with PRINCESS. Our next cruise will be [our] 21st and we began in our 40's and have taken the world in our palm!!! Your visits to so many hundreds of cities we sailed into have been OVER THE TOP. You are amazing! How proud your mom is of you and she is the angel seeing you find success. Every week is special to find out where you and the staff are taking your fans. My question is where is Natalie lately? You know Amber Airplane and your trips was always a highlight...I checked and Natalie is out as your editor. All your pics of the lovely ladies you meet and highlight are fun to check out. I am like your mom exited with your trips, fun days, etc. Have a great holiday season... and by the way I have not seen any Nancy pics either? Sailinsal -

  • Your Italy post made me cry. Sorry to hear about your friend's dad. T.E. – Los Angeles, CA

  • What ever happened to your father's second wife, Nancy? You never mention her anymore and your father seems to travel alone. Just curious.

  • You showed the foam earplugs you use to block out noise to sleep. They work well but feel uncomfortable in the ears all night. I recently purchased "Musicians Earplugs" (available from any local audiologist for about $150). Expensive but worth it for me as I have sensitive hearing. They are custom molded to fit you ears perfectly and block much of the sound volume but don't muffle it. I find they are great for sleeping as you hardly know you have them in. And in noisy bars etc. they don't look as dorky as the colored foam ones. Brian -

  • Sorry to hear about the passing of your best friends father. As we age, unfortunately we get closer and closer to a demography where we experience more and more of lives drawing to a close. Cherish the memories - always. You just featured an article regarding PassportsWithPurpose and requested consideration for donations. I think that someone with your wherewithal could possibly establish a charity where folks could contribute miles they no longer want, those that are insufficient to use, etc. I know that there is at least one site that will accept some miles but they require some minimum of specific airlines. I would propose that all airline mileage be accepted without predetermined minimums. As these miles accrue they could be donated or even put up for auction (probably get into trouble with the airlines?) and the money donated. In any case, in your "spare time" perhaps you could come up with a scheme in lieu of letting these miles eventually be lost back to the airlines. Don't you hate that? Happy traveling and Merry Christmas, Burt S – N.J.

  • I hope everything is going well. I wanted to let you guys know how much I enjoy following your blog. I have been keeping up with a number of travel blogs for the past few weeks and really enjoy my daily stop on yours. Kevin M- Colorado

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