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December 29, 2010

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WHERE'S JOHNNY JET?                    Year In Review

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Happy New Year from chilly Florida! If you are following me on Twitter (@JohnnyJet), then you know I missed the California rains and the Northeast blizzard by just a few days. Iím actually upset about it too, because I love a good snowstorm (as long as Iím not traveling). This past week, I had quite an adventure myself. From New York, I flew to West Palm Beach to see my sister, then to Seattle (via Atlanta) to pick up a brand new Air New Zealand 777-300ER plane at the Boeing plant. Itís not just your regular old 777 either Ė this one has their highly anticipated new Skycouch and Spaceseats. Thatís right - the Skycouch is the new lie-flat bed for economy class passengers. And you gotta see it to believe it. After the handover ceremony, I took the delivery flight from PAE to LAX and then hopped on another plane back to South Florida just in time to spend Christmas with my dad. It was a lot of bouncing around but nothing compared to the big guy in the red suit!

Here are the slideshows/stories of my trip to Seattle:
-Four Seasons and W Hotel
-Behind-the-scenes tour of the Boeing plant where I saw the 787ís final assembly line (Note: photos are normally not allowed but my group was granted access).
-Handover ceremony and delivery flight of Air New Zealandís new $200 million plane.

Since this is my last newsletter for 2010, I thought I would share with you (as I always do) my final travel numbers of the year. In 2010, I flew 144,979 miles on 88 flights and 31 different airlines. I achieved my goal to making elite status on all three alliances: Star (United), Sky Team (Delta) and Oneworld (American) and I stepped foot on 20 countries (USA, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Oman, France, England, Italy, Vatican City, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Poland, French Polynesia, Scotland and Ireland). I also visited 18 states (CA, HI, AZ, NY, RI, NC, FL, VA, GA, CT, CO, NJ, MI, PA, OH, TN, NV, WA) and was away from home 223 days, which is not enough when you love to travel but stinks when you live in Manhattan Beach, CA. Hereís my 2010 photogallery.

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  • I think you are an inspiration to travel - if I wasn't already inspired. I am from Scotland but didn't know any of the things you wrote about. I think you deserve all the opportunities you are getting and I know you enjoy every minute, passing on your enthusiasm to your readers. Sophie M Ė Scotland

  • Love your newsletter! Happy holidays, Aurelia - Zurich

  • I really enjoy reading all of the travel articles each week. You do a great job. Gary- Chicago

  • I love Thank you so much for the fabulous job you do and giving us travel lovers fantastic tips and information. Your site is greatly appreciated. I am going to Buenos Aires, Bariloche, El Calafate and Iguazu in April. Any suggestions? A happy and healthy new year to you. Margie K - REPLY: Thank you for the kind words! I havenít been to Buenos Aires in over a decade but I was just in Iguazu in 2009.

  • I envy your jet-setting ways, Johnny, especially while Iím stuck at my desk this December. Margarita S -

  • Those are FANTASTIC photos of the Holiday Fireworks! I just did this story about easy tips for taking fireworks photos on Surfside Sam. Kevin W Ė MB, CA

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all the assistant Jets, Johnny! Just one quick comment about the "Jesus Drives a Ferrari" photo in the Hermosa Santa Pub Crawl slideshow. The miracle is, that used to be a Yugo. Gregg W - Arlington, VA

  • Awesome new onboard products from Air New Zealand, debuting on the Boeing 777-300ER Jeff C- Seattle

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