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This week jet off to Europe to hang in posh "hot spots" such as Positano (Amalfi Coast) in Italy and Café de Paris in St Tropez.
    This week we have two websites of the week.  One is useful; the other is fun.  Always know what time it is around the world with , and when you're bored in your hotel room check out this online game of travel Hangman.
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  • Thailand's "Thailand Smiles Plus" promotion, running through July 31, offers visitors one free night for every night that you stay.  Visit online for a list of participating hotels.  You have four categories of properties (Category A-D) and four price ranges to choose from - $40, $70, $100 or $140 per night. For more info
  • If you can't wait until December to wax the skis and take off on the slopes, then head to Portillo in Chile where winter is in full force. Portillo has only one hotel and no neighboring towns. No more than 450 guests are allowed at a time, so that means you'll spend more time on the slopes than waiting in line. Most visitors will be content to tear up the slopes all day, but there are plenty of non-snowy activities as well. Cozying up to the bar at the Hotel Portillo is an option, as well as an outdoor swim, catching a movie or signing up for a yoga class. There are also food and wine festivals. The ski season kicks off June 14. Weekly rates, which include accommodations, meals and lift tickets, start at $1,885; there are also several Kids Ski Free weeks throughout the summer. Forbes For more information, call (800) 829-5325

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I don't know what it is about Cleveland, but it kind of depresses me.  I'm sorry if I that offends you, but hey, when I look out the plane window and all I see are old brown, sterile buildings, what do you expect?  I wish I felt differently. It really bothers me that Amber Airplane always cries tears of joy on touchdown. When she looks over at me she sees that I'm crying too - for the opposite reason.

Okay, it's not that bad.  It's just the initial impact of arriving that bothers me.  Once I get to her parents' house or her sister's, I'm fine. Speaking of Erica's house:  When we got there we hung out and played with her 17-month-old daughter, Chloe.  Then Amber's mom and little brother came over. The last thing I remember is sitting on huge, comfortable couches talking and watching a baby video (I think it was Zoe's dance moves).   That video does it's job!  It not only put Chloe to sleep but all of us were out out cold in a matter of minutes.

Why were we so tired?  Let's just say that what should be an hour and 20 minute non-stop flight on Continental took us nine hours on United.  We could have driven from Connecticut in that time! Listen to this crazy trip. Amber Airplane booked us on a 6:40 a.m. flight from White Plains (NY) to D.C., then to Cleveland. If all went well we would have arrived at Hopkins International Airport at 10 a.m.  I wasn't happy about going through D.C. because both flights were on Jetstream 41s (small 29-seat prop planes).  I'm not a big fan of those. So when the alarm went off at 5 a.m., I didn't push Amber out of bed like I normally have to.

To make a long story short, we missed that flight by 15 minutes.  We re-booked on the next flight, which went through Chicago and would get us in two hours later.  Even though we were backtracking and the flight time is longer, I prefer that route because the planes are much bigger.  I feel safer and I can work.  Well, I paid the price for not getting our original flight.  We kept getting delayed until they finally canceled it.  So after all that waiting in the small White Plains airport (which has no internet connection), we ended up boarding a small plane to. D.C.!

The good news is, our flight was smooth and so was our connection.  The bad news is, after we were cleared for take off to Cleveland we roared down the runway a lot longer than usual.  I asked Amber Airplane, "What's going on? Are we aborting take off?"  She put down her catalog and replied nervously, "Yes."  That had never happened to me before, but it wasn't as scary as I always pictured (thank God).  Luckily our pilots were on the ball; otherwise who knows what would've happened?

One of the pilots got on the PA two days afterward - well, it was about three minutes, but it felt like 2 days -- and said to all us silent-and-thinking-twice-would-we-ever-get-on-a- small-plane-again passengers, "As many of you probably noticed we just aborted takeoff.  What happened was, as we sped down the runway a little red light that you don't want to come on, came on.  We needed to abort, and now we're headed back to the gate to have maintenance look at it." Look at it?!  There was no way I was getting back on that plane. I would've flown to Cleveland through L.A. before stepping back on that baby.

I think United realized all the passengers felt the same way, so in less than 30 minutes they had us boarding a new plane (nice job) .  The one hour and ten minute flight to Cleveland was smooth, but man those small planes are nerve-racking.

Speaking of nerve-racking, has just changed servers for the first time in history (four years).  So if any of you noticed the website down or emails being returned earlier this week, please accept our apologies.  It appears the transfer went smoothly.  Thanks to all of you, we had to upgrade to bigger servers to handle the traffic.  Thanks again for telling all your friends to log on and book their trips through the website or 1-800-JohnnyJet.

By now you're probably wondering why there are so few pictures in this newsletter.  My digital camera broke last week for the second time, and I'm waiting for some pictures to be put on disc from my backup disposable cameras.  So even though we have a limited amount of pics this week, they're good.  The pictures from my surprise b-day party have not come back but the ones from the  MTV Movie Awards party did.  The show was taped on my birthday (May 31) at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A.  The after-party was also held there, but unfortunately, the cheap camera did not pick up the cool sets or the backdrop of the bat cave theme.  I'm sure if you were there you would've had a blast and recognized a ton of celebs,  but since you weren't, just use your imagination.

A few days after the party we flew to New York to take my dad to the running of the 135th Belmont Stakes.  Before heading out to Connecticut to pick him
up we had dinner with my sister Carol and my neice and nephew who were also in town.  After dinner, we went back to their apartment and the kids had a surprise  B-day cake b-day cake for me.  They're as sweet as the cake!

As you know, my dad enjoys watching the horses once in a while.  Last year we fulfilled his dream of going to the Kentucky Derby.  He has been to the Belmont Stake many times, but only once with me ( last year).  This year we hoped for a historic day with a Triple Crown winner.  It was cold and rainy, but that didn't stop us  or any of the other 101,000 people from going.  The place was filled with excitement, in the hopes of Funny Cide adding this race to his Kentucky Derby and Preakness crowns.

Anyone can go. Belmont usually does not sell out, because it holds tons of people. But not everyone can go where we ended up.  Don't ask how, but we found ourselves  in the exclusive Visa-sponsored party with all the celebs and horse owners.  We were on the 4th floor lookong for some of my Dad's friends when Amber Airplane kept seeing people with Funny Cide pins. She said, "I want one of those. Can we go next door and get one?"  I told her I thought it was a private party, but she said it didn't look like one (which it didn't).

When we walked in security was asking for invitation badge's, but because my dad was in front of us and can't hear too well he walked right by the guard like he owned the place. Amber Airplane and I followed behind.  Although we were starving and the food looked good, we didn't want to eat. That would be like stealing, so we decided to take our chances of getting back in and went down stairs to the food court and to find the pins.  There were 30-minute lines for hot dogs, chicken and pizza. We ate and Amber Airplane found a few Funny Cide pins for $3 each. We then went back upstairs to the party the same way.

BTW:  I was dying to take a bite of this cake they had at the party!  There we were: We didn't know anyone, we had no badges, and we were hanging out by
this window because it had a great view of the finish line and my dad thought it was bringing him good luck.  He had good reason to.. He and Amber Airplane won every race.

Like everyone else in the world we were waiting for the big race.  It was pretty cool because everyone in the whole place wanted the New York-bred horse Funny Cide to win.  If he won it would have been only the 12th horse ever to win the Triple Crown, the first in 28 years and the first bred in New York.  It's amazing so many people could get so excited over this, but they did (and so did we).  There are 40 minutes between each race (which gives people plenty of time to place bets).  After the 10th race everyone in the party stood up and gave the Funny Cide owners a standing ovation as they made their way down to see their horse off.  It was quite moving.  

 To my surprise and dismay the security guard came around for the first time asking for badges.  He yelled, "All of you near the window who don't have badges need to leave the party now."  The race was starting in two minutes. I knew if we left their would be no way to see the race, because all the seats were full and the windows were jammed with spectators.  Amber Airplane and I just ignored the guy.  He was about to move to the next group of people when my dad turned and said, "Excuse me?  I can't hear too well. What did you say?"

My heart dropped, my blood pressure rose and I thought we were not only going to be humiliated but would miss the race we had stood around six hours for.  I didn't know what to do, so I turned around and said, "He's with me"  The guard looked at me, glanced at my pin and said, "Oh, he's okay, since you are with Funny Cide."  With Funny Cide?!  Because Amber Airplane made us buy these $3 pins he thought we were with the owners, who were all near us and wearing pins too. Now how funny is that?
We have a winner!  We asked for your  BEST TRAVEL TIP!  hanks to everyone who sent one in, but our winner is Burt Spiegel from New Jersey.  He sent in
five great tips!  For the next five week's Burt will have the tip of the week.  He will also receive THE GREAT ALASKAN TOURSAVER -- a $99.95 value packed with $25,000 in travel savings!  Congratulations, Burt, and thanks to everyone who participated.

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  • I eagerly await your email every week. Not only is it interesting but you give an insight that one doesn't normally get, especially from the spin doctors. Of course, Amber is always an added attraction as is the humor you inject. Keep it rolling and if you ever need a couple to carry your bags my wife and I will be ready, willing, and raring. Burt S. New Jersey 
  • I love your site.  I am a flight attendant for Spirit Airlines, and hope you do a story about us some day.  Jim A- Florida. REPLY:   We did a story about Spirit last November
  • I just had to say how much I enjoyed the Bobby Brown pic looking like the chump that he is after pinching yo lady. What a tool. The mailings look better than ever! Hope all is well John. Chris H.- Boston
  • With more work than I can possibly spell out (you don't need to hear my whining), my only relief is reading your columns, and keeping my hand in the travel newsletters. Your travels are outstanding, and I think we covered a lot of the same itinerary in Sydney and Cairns..   Ken - San Diego
  • Bathroomdiaries: refuses to access-whassup? - Burton.  REPLY: It was working when we sent it.  They said we sent too much traffic to their server at once.  It crashed but will be up soon.
  • Wow your trip to Tahiti looked awesome!  Now I really want to go there.  Somehow I missed last week's newsletter but got caught up by using the link in your user questions section.  Is there a way to look at the past "where's Johnny Jett" articles?  Keep up the great newsletter I look forward to it each week. Ken Bruce.  REPLY:  Thansk Ken for the kind words:  Our archive can be found on our homepage in the FREE NEWSLETTER link:
  • Sorry to here about your mom, you obviously loved her very much and all of the messages on the site from your family are truly moving.  The poem your dad wrote had me in tears.   All the best,  Wendi S.  New Jersey
  • I just returned from a trip & used UAL SFO/MIA/SFO...I used my freq. flyer miles 'cuz I didn't want them to "tank" & lose them altogether...UAL charged us 40,000 miles each (2 of us) for the pleasure of using our miles...Isn't that wonderful???  I asked them "why they were "gouging me" & they said:  "only 10% of the seats are available for "F.F.'ers for 25,000 miles, after they are gone, they "up" the anti & chargr more miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's not enough these days for having to put up with all the hassle of security & long lines at the arpts., all the taxes, and now this!!!!!!!  I am "furious"!!!!!!!!! Bridget
  • I heard about your website on KABC, Sunday mornings 11am - 12pm I believe. I think the host was Scott Greenspan, Green-something ?. (Peter Greenberg) It was the first time I had heard him. It is a travel show. Very informative. Anyway, a guy called and asked for the "great" website that was mentioned last week with all the travel deals and the answer was "". Also. The host (Peter) was very impressed that you do this for "fun" I think he said or something along the lines that you did this for no compensation etc. I can't  remember exactly because I was on a long walk and all the way home I kept repeating your website because I couldn't write it down!!!!  Hope this is enlightening. By-the-way, are you the Johnny?  April
  • The interview with Johnny was great!  He's like the energizer bunny...just keeps going, and going, and going.  Nancy, PA
  • Sounds like your vegas trip was a blast.  Happy belated birthday.  Thanks for the mention.  Regards, Pamela - Vegas
  • You are such a blessing.  Thank you.  Jackie
  • From Johnny: Here's a little Travel Humor New announcement card:
  • A B- Day Poem From a Reader:
Another day older
Another day wiser
One more year to know
That one never stops to grow
Along the way, we pray
That we find peace today.

You have enriched so many lives
With your personality and vibes
Your humor and your smile
For which others walk a mile.

So, friend, traveler, and worthy soul
Have a grand birthday in the whole
With family and friends who cherish your presence
Your thoughtfulness, sentiments and essence.


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Go Cruise!
Thank you for all the great resources your website provides.  I used the airline telephone and website listings yesterday to check flights from LHR to BEG.  Just wanted you to know the correct phone number for Yugoslavia Airlines (JAT) in New York is (212) 689-1677.  This is where I was able to book my JAT flight. 
FYI:  You cannot book on-line or use a credit card with JAT.  You must pay with a money order or certified check.  When I asked the woman when she needed payment, she said, "Oh, one or two weeks."  British Air and Alitalia both fly from LHR to BEG, but their tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable.  JAT was more flexible, has a flight everyday and at decent times.  British Air only flies four days a week, although direct.  Alitalia flies everyday but via Milan or Rome.

Next time I'll use 1-800-johnnyjet.  Too bad I didn't know about it yesterday.

Thanks very much.  Michele Courtney

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  • Last-minute hotel rates offer savings for flexible travelers
  • Any scientist who discovers a vaccine for the SARS virus will be offered free travel for life by China's largest airline China Southern. The airline also said it will offer free SARS medical insurance for all its passengers and provide big discounts for medical workers who have been at the forefront of the battle against the disease. From Clark Howard
  • The city of Stockholm will start charging 10 kronor to 20 kronor ($1.30 to $2.60) to people who want to drive through the city, in part to alleviate growing congestion and to stem pollution.  Travelers will be charged according to designated zones throughout the city and by the time of day.  City and state-run buses, motorcycles and taxis will not be charged.   From Clark Howard
  • Australia Tourism Minister Joe Hockey unveiled a rescue plan for its battered tourism sector with a focus on travelers with deep pockets. The centerpiece of the 10-year plan would seek quality of visitors, not quantity and to market the country as a "platinum-plus" destination. Hockey said on public radio - "The Australian tourism industry needs to start focusing now on how much money we can get out of international visitors rather than focus on how many international visitors come through the turnstiles."  From Clark Howard
  • According to the Grand Canyon National Park, fewer people visited the park last year than any year since 1991. From Clark Howard
  • AA unblocks middle seats  
  • Rare Elvis artifacts on display in Liverpool   
  • United Airlines is introducing a passenger boarding procedure that will let high-fare "Economy Plus" coach passengers get into their seats a bit sooner. Passengers will be assigned to one of four groups when they check in, and boarding passes will show the corresponding numbers 1-4. First- and business-class passengers and elite-level frequent fliers will be in Group 1. Economy Plus passengers will be second, people in the back 10 rows of coach next, then everyone else. United Express will use the same system.
  • Nine underground rooms have been restored and added to the 21 already on display in Whitehall, London at the Cabinet War Rooms ,. The complex, adapted from storage areas in 1938 and used by Sir Winston Churchill, his family and his cabinet during the bombing of London in World War II, was first opened by the Imperial War Museum in 1984.  The rooms, which went on display in April, include the map room, Churchill's kitchen and dining room, his private detectives' room and his wife's bedroom. The rooms were restored using wartime photographs.  Among the highlights are original maps, one with a cartoon of Hitler.  From Clark Howard
  • Who doesn't like the Little Mermaid?  Vandals poured white paint on Copenhagen's famed statue of the Little Mermaid over the weekend.  She was cleaned up on Sunday.  In previous attacks, the mermaid was beheaded in 1963 and 1998, her right arm was sawed off in 1984 and in 1990 a 7-inch gap in her neck indicated yet another attempted beheading.  Created in 1913 in tribute to Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, who wrote "The Little Mermaid" fairytale, the landmark statue draws an estimated 1 million visitors a year. Clark Howar
  • Airport Clubs Begin Selling Food
  • New fee: US Airways will add a $10 service fee to some tickets purchased or changed at the airline's city ticket offices. The fee does not apply to tickets bought under corporate/group programs, reissued tickets for travel rescheduled by the airline, award tickets and tickets already subject to change fees.
  • Could Southwest fill US Airways' void in Pittsburgh?
  • JetBlue pays: JetBlue Airways is giving an unknown number of customers $25 to $50 credits to compensate for delays over the weekend due to a computer glitch. Routine maintenance Friday disrupted JetBlue's reservations and check-in systems, officials say. Flight check-in was done manually, causing some customers to be delayed two hours. JetBlue says it doesn't know how many received credits.
  • Alert lifted: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has removed its SARS-related travel alert for Singapore. For more information.
  • How United dug itself into a big hole
  • Delta takes aim at low-fare rivals
  • L.A. to feds: We need a new airport
  • Paper tickets will cost you:  Beginning Tuesday, Northwest Airlines increases the charge for paper tickets to $50 from $25. The fee applies to all tickets, except international tickets bought from travel agencies. American Airlines eliminated paper tickets for directly booked domestic travel May 1, and increased the transaction fee for issuance of paper tickets by travel agents to $50 from $25. 
  • A.M. flying: British Airways now offers a morning departure to London Heathrow from Newark, N.J., its third daily non-stop flight to that city. The flight departs at 8 a.m. and arrives at 8:05 p.m. For fare information visit:
Italy Outside Of The Lines From

Many Americans head to Rome on their first trips to Italy. Rich in experiences, the city can also get very crowded. Here are some ways to escape the crowds and personalize your trip, plus a look at the incomparable island of Sicily.

People with traveling partners who are not quite convinced to go on an Italian trip can pull out a trump card if the foot-dragging person is a fan of top designs on wheels-- the Ferrari, Peugeot and Vespa, among many others. If you're traveling in August, be sure to check for summer closings. Italians wisely take it easy in the hot month, and many attractions close or keep limited hours.

The Museo Storico Alfa Romeo ( ) in Milan displays vehicles beautiful enough to make a grown man -- or woman -- cry. Also in Milan, the Quattroruote Collection ( ), open just one Sunday each month in April, May, September or October, but worth the pre-planning, with extremely rare and prototype vehicles from around the world.

Reggio Emilia's Car Museum ( ) exhibits cars and motorbikes from 1890 to 1970, including a 1919 Fiat 505, a 1935 Lancia Augusta and a 1962 Lancia Flaminia coupe. In Bologna, see the Museo Dell Motociclette Ducati ( ), showcasing over 50 years of motorcycling history.

Florence, also high on travelers' must-see lists, is perhaps best known for the Uffizi Gallery ( ) which does perhaps the best job of any museum in the world at displaying the grandeur of the Renaissance. Avoid the lines by calling ahead to reserve time (ask for a separate viewing time for Michaelangelo's David) or ask your hotel's concierge to arrange things for you. It's well worth the small fee.

From Florence, a 15-mile drive to the hill town of Fiesole ( ) provides a pleasant day (or half-day) adventure, with an Etruscan civilization dating back to the late 6th century BC. The well-preserved outdoor theatre is still used. Also see the baths, the re-built Etruscan temple and Bandini Museum.
Click Here For Full Story

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