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  • River View Cam Jacksonville, Florida
  • Isafjordur which I think is Iceland
      This site has links to nearly every transit system (bus, train, taxi, ferrys, shuttles, you name it) in all 50 states. Find out routings, schedules, and fees.
    • America West raises cost of award travel, offers shortcut to elite status
    • Omni Hotels guests can now earn 500 United Airlines frequent-flier miles for qualifying stays. Through Aug. 31, they also earn 500 bonus miles.
    • Book an American Airlines Vacations package to Mexico and earn 10,000 AAdvantage bonus miles per booking. This deal requires a five-night minimum stay at a participating hotel, booking by July 31 and travel July 1 through December 15. Destinations include Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta. Blackout dates may apply. Book through a travel agent, call 800-321-2121 or access .
    • BRITISH AIR OFFERS MORE AADVANTAGE MILES: Effective July 1, AAdvantage members will earn miles for British Airways flights to/from Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America.
    • UNITED AIRLINES: Chicago - Colorado Springs: Dates:  July 1 through August 31, 2003: Offer:  Earn 1,000 bonus miles when you purchase and fly a qualifying roundtrip between Chicago and Colorado Springs. This offer is valid in all booking classes. Registration is required to earn bonus miles. You must register by August 31, 2003. You only need to register once.
    • UNITED AIRLINES: Chicago - Toronto, Saginaw, Memphis, Norfolk, Tulsa:   Dates: July 1 through August 31, 2003: Offer:  Earn 500 bonus miles when you purchase and fly a qualifying roundtrip between Chicago and Toronto, Saginaw, Memphis, Norfolk or Tulsa. This offer is valid in United First(F or A class) and with selected fares in United Economyâ (Y, B, M, H and Q classes).   Registration is required to earn bonus miles. You must register by August 31, 2003. You only need to register once.
    • Fly to Australia or New Zealand on two airlines, with free stopovers
    • Get away for July Fourth weekend from $88 R/T
    • Fourth of July hotels from $66/night
    • $340.00 Los Angeles/Tahiti Roundtrip: Travel to Tahiti July 04, 05 or 17 Return July 09, 10 or 24. Contact or 1-800-JohnnyJet
    • Cross the Atlantic on the Concorde AND the QE2. Combine Cunard Line's Queen Elizabeth 2 and British Airways' Concorde from $4,294 per person, double occupancy, just $482 more than the rate for a one-way Concorde ticket alone. Departure dates are July 16 & 22 and August 11, 17 & 26. or 1-800-JohnnyJet
    • Price caps: American Airlines capped its top non-stop coach fare between San Diego and New York JFK at $299 one way. JetBlue has an introductory fare of $238 one way and a regular top fare of $278.
    • It’s Cooler in Cape Town: Through Aug. 31, South African Airways offers special fares of $999 to Dakar and $1,199 to Johannesburg or Cape Town. Travel must originate in the U.S. All flights connect through New York JFK. Ticketing and payment must be made within 72 hours of reservation. Minimum stay is seven days. Maximum stay is one month. Travel must be completed by Sept. 30. Visit for full terms and conditions.  To book Call 1-800-JohnnyJet  (Found On BTE)

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    At last! After three long weeks I have finally returned home to Los Angeles. Yeah! It feels so gooooooood to be back!

    Except for one problem: On Friday night I hit the jet lag wall for the first time in a long time. Around 8:30 p.m. I sat on the couch, and the next thing I remember is Amber Airplane trying to wake me up. It was an hour later, and I couldn't even speak. She said noises were coming out of my mouth, but nothing she could comprehend. That's not like me, but now I know how someone who doesn’t travel often feels. I got jet lagged because I was out late the night before for my cousin AJ's bachelor party (more on that later), and got up at the crack of dawn for my flight back to L.A. Be sure to scroll down to see plenty of great pictures, from AJ's farewell party to places I went to in Connecticut.

    As usual I frequented a bunch of restaurants this week. What a shocker, huh? The first one I had never been to, the others I haven't written about (at least I don't think so). Let's start with Villa Del Sol in Westport, where my brother Frank took my dad, Cricket and me. I usually don't eat south-of-the-border food when I’m in the Northeast because my home is practically in Mexico, but because I had been away so long it was perfect. I liked Villa Del Sol. The ambiance and food (especially the tortillas) were all good! Sorry I forgot my camera that night, but you can see for yourself the next time you crave Mexican and are in Fairfield County. Villa Del Sol: 36 Elm St., Westport, CT, tel: 203-226-7912.

    The following night I went to dinner with my Dad and Frank Fay, a writer from The Hour (my hometown newspaper). The Hour wanted to do a huge story on and our book "You Are Here Traveling With Johnny"  I asked if we could do the interview over dinner, because my dad and I were starving. Of course he agreed, so we went down to Sono (South Norwalk) to Match. The food is always good there, and the atmosphere is even better -- especially on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night in the summer. Match:  98 Washington St.,  Norwalk, CT., tel: 203-852-1088.

    If you’re ever in South Norwalk and want some local flavor at something a little more reasonably priced, try Sono Seafood. I'm not a big seafood fan, but everyone else in  my family is. It was a nice day, perfect for taking relatives to lunch. Every few months or so we get together with my mom's relatives to catch up and reminisce about her.  Everyone liked the food. My non-seafood cheeseburger was good, and the seagul behind me liked the fries Frank fed it. Sono Seaport Seafood: 100 Water St., Norwalk, CT, tel.: 203-866-9083.

    As I mentioned last week, summer finally appeared in the Northeast. It went from cold and rainy to hot and hazy in exactly one day. Mother Nature just skipped spring. It was  boiling -- you know, so hot you can’t even lean back in the car seat. The best place to be was by the pool at my dad's place, or out on the water.

    We went on Long Island Sound almost every day in Frank's boat.  If you’re not sure where Long Island Sound is, check out this map for the body of water between Connecticut and Long Island. We did a little exploring on the beautiful and peacefully deserted Cockenoe Island.  We found all kinds of sea life, including hermit crabs to horseshoe crabs (Amber Airplane hates those, and if you’ve seen those bad boys you know why).  Make sure you bring some flip-flops, because there are plenty of shells.  The water is still cold so you might not want to swim yet, but you can always soak up the sun and fishing.
    One last suggestion if you find yourself in southern Connecticut this week. Go to  Rowayton and see Shakespeare on the Sound (an open-air production of plays by William Shakespeare).  This week it’s The Merchant of Venice . It takes place in Pinkney Park, on the banks of the Five Mile River. Performances begin at 7:30 p.m., but I’d go as early at 4 (when the gates open). You can reserve a seat, then stop by Rowayton Pizza or Rowayton Seafood for a nice dinner, then hit Brendans 101 for some tasty pre-performance. Shakespeare on the Sound is free, but a $15 donation is recommended.

    Let’s see, what else? As you have probably heard my cousin AJ is marrying  Jamie-Lynn Sigler who plays Meadow Soprano. I'm AJ's best man, but he keeps calling me his worst man because I waited so long to put his bachelor party together. I told him it wasn't my fault, because he keeps changing the date and plan. I originally had an awesome three-day Bahamas cruise set up. People even bought their plane tickets, but he canceled it because of a last minute engagement.

    The good news is I'm back to being called the best man (at least until I give my speech). With some help from  family and friends we sent AJ off in style last week in New York City. Over 40 guys showed up at a private room at Coppola's (East) on Third Avenue. My brother Frank fired up his limo, and a bunch of us piled in like we were in the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus. The hour ride went by quickly, because we were ragging on Frank. I thought he was joking when he asked me if he should wear these shoes, so I said of course.  Do they look they belong to Ronald McDonald or what?  

    The party was a blast. I can't tell you what went on because that would break the code, but I can say we had a great time. The food was good, and the company even better. A bunch of friends, family and Soprano's showed up. Not bad for putting it together a week before, and it being 95 degrees at midnight. Coppola's (East): 378 3rd Avenue, New York, NY, tel.: 212-679-0070.

    That night I slept in the city. When my alarm went off at 6:30 a.m. it felt like some cartoon character had come out of the wall and hit me over the head with a frying pan. I was dazed and confused. Luckily I remember to call Tel Aviv car service (212-777-7777) the night before (I didn't use Carmel's car service because I of their evil phone number: 212-666-6666). Many people don't know the cost of these car services is the same as a taxi. The plusses are that you don't have to worry about hailing a cab, and can pay by credit card. The minus is that they’re not always on time, but this Friday they were. 

    I got to JFK, breezed through check-in and security, and fantasized about getting on the Concorde that was boarding at the gate next door. The last day this bad boy is going to be in the air is October 24. So if you want to travel at supersonic speed, buy your tickets now (it would be nice if you used our new travel agency: 1-800-JohnnyJet). But my fantasy didn’t come true, and I boarded a 767 that took 5 hours and 18 minutes to fly across the country. 

    Next week I’ll tell you about 4th of July in L.A., plus the amazing MTV bash I went to the other night.  Peace.

    • Johnny - Got your new book last week - It's great!!!  So many websites & ideas for things to do & places to go.  Brought it to work and had a hard time getting it back from my co-workers.  Sent them to your site to order their own copies!   Keep up the great work.  Robin S
    • I have been following your site for a year or two and receive your newsletter. It is a very informative and helpful site!  Catherine W -American Airlines
    • Checked "yougottaeat" and there were only two restaurants in all of Manhattan and the dining card for both was "out of stock". Not impressive.  John -Florida REPLY: You need to change the Neighborhood in the drop down menu.  You were looking at Battery Park.  REPLY(2): Thank you. Enjoy your site as a whole very much.. John
    • Your site is taking large jumps.  I got on and did a comparison. You are doing GREAT. I was catching you awhile back and now... Wow.  Way to go! Andy the  Best regards.
    • Awesome!  You're an amazing guy, JJ!!  Mary
    • I just got your book and am enjoying it immensely, however I have a question.....with all those great websites, how come you didn't include a cd (even if it jacked up price a buck or two, I'd still buy it gladly)???   Please rsvp and thanks! Art Hausmann a/k/a/  Artie Airport   REPLY FROM PUBLISHER:  The real reason there isn't a CD is because the Web site acts as your digital version that works with the book and the Jet Codes.   There are other reasons, which I wouldn't get into, added weight, possibility of people removing the CD in the store, placing the CD on every book, ease of copying the CD, etc.  CDs are great for music and video, whereas the JohnnyJet site and book work together.  
    • So VERY pleased to receive a review copy of your newest (and soon to be one of your most successful) publications! Thanks much for including --- much appreciated! Marya
    • You site is very good.  Richard - L.A.
    • Keep up the great work on JohnnyJet.  By the way, I just ordered your book!  Melissa- Miami
    • I am program chairman at Stamford Rotary.  As such, I (with the help of  a lot of my friends) am responsible for getting speakers for our weekly luncheons.  Today, one of our members gave me a torn out article on you and your web site. We have speakers on many topics and one of our favorite themes is "local boy made good".  You seem an excellent example of that idea.  From your web site, you appear to get around a great deal which probably means that you are not in our area that much.  When you are going to be in the area, I and the other club members, would very much like to hear you tell your story. Al- Connecticut

    • *Please note that we reserve the right to post excerpts, perhaps edited, from your message on the Johnny Jet website and newsletter. We will not use your full name without your express permission. If you'd rather not have your message posted on the website or newsletter, just say so and it won't be.
    Stop staring
    Concerning the comments that bulkhead seating is always the best, this is not correct if you are a larger than 'normal' person. The tray tables are in the seat dividers and, if you are lucky enough to have an empty seat next to you, it does no good because the seats have restricted lateral space.

    To increase your chances of getting an empty seat when booking, get an aisle or window seat on a 3 across seating where someone else has already reserved the opposite seat but the middle seat is open. THE FURTHER BACK IN THE PLANE YOU ARE SEATED, THE BETTER YOUR CHANCES FOR AN EMPTY SEAT. For example, say you're flying between ATL and LAX on a Delta 767. Seating is 2x3x2. If row 32C was reserved and seats 32D and E are open, reserve 32E. They always start from the most forward row in assigning middle seats. This plan works for me about 80% of the time. The empty seat is like ALMOST first class for the space premium.

    Thought you readers might like to know this. I enjoy the newsletter. Randy Layman - Augusta, GA

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    • Five ways to upgrade your flight: Secrets to flying first class
    • Psst! Don't take fireworks on the plane: You'd hardly think it needed stating — given terrorism, wars and a generally heightened awareness of security — but the Federal Aviation Administration is warning Independence Day travelers not to pack or carry fireworks of any sort. "All fireworks, down to the smallest sparklers and poppers, are strictly prohibited. Violators risk thousands of dollars in fines and a possible prison sentence if they bring them on flights," FAA Administrator Marion Blakey said.  From USAToday
    • Talk longer: American Airlines passengers can turn on their cell phones a little sooner. The carrier, with FAA permission, will allow passengers to turn on cell phones while planes taxi in, beginning July 8. Callers at smaller airports will have two or three minutes of extra talk time. At congested hubs and big airports, they'll get 10 minutes or more of extra "air" time.
    • New York's Central Park set the standard
    • Spain ATC strikes in July and August
    • France's festivals threatened by strikes  
    • State of emergency lifted in most of Peru
    • U.K. lifts ban on Kenya flights
    • Tropical Storm Bill heads for Gulf Coast
    • Boeing tipped to win AirTran order
    • Special socks may cut clot risk
    • Italy cracks down on bad drivers
    • Thai beach resorts on terror alert
    • Terrorist-related crime down in Colombia
    • You can talk an extra 10 minutes on American Airlines flights beginning July 8.  The FAA gave AA permission to permit passengers to use cell phones while planes taxi in and out - or about 10 minutes. From Clark Howard
    • Carnival Cruise Line's Carnival Miracle will serve as a floating hotel during Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville, Fla. The ship, scheduled to be docked from Feb. 2-7, 2005, will provide 1,062 rooms for Super Bowl attendees.  The big game is scheduled for Feb. 6 at ALLTEL Stadium. From Clark Howard
    • The final numbers are in for the Paris Air Show.  Airbus announced 59 firm new orders, bringing its year to date total to 215.  Boeing announced no firm new orders at all, and has a year to date total of 37. From The Travel Insider
    • A fireball shot out of a Delta 757's right engine as it was pushing back from the gate in Tampa on Monday.  This is actually not an unusual occurrence when a jet engine is first started up, and is something akin to a car engine backfiring, but before the pilot had a chance to get on the public address system and explain what had happened, anxious passengers had wrenched open the emergency doors and started to jump down the emergency chute to the tarmac below.  As is always the case in an emergency evacuation, some passengers suffered minor injuries and 8 of the 167 passengers ended their journey at the local hospital rather than at their expected destination.  Moral of the story?  Wait till someone tells you to evacuate the plane!  If something really bad happens, you'll be told what to do in double quick time. From The Travel Insider
    • Continental To Resume New York-Hong Kong Service Beginning August 1
    • Food sale: US Airways begins selling food today on most domestic flights of 700 miles or more. Food will be available for purchase on 324 daily flights. Meals cost $7 to $10 each.
    • No more special meals: Starting Sept. 4, Continental Airlines will not serve special meals such as vegetarian, kosher or Hindu on non-transcontinental U.S. and Canadian domestic routes or on flights to Latin American or Caribbean beach markets.
    Hangin' in the Hubs  by Jerome Greer Chandler From OAG

    As airline service declines, airport amenities are on the rise. New construction, new services, new options for frequent fliers. Here’s a look at what’s happening at five major hubs, including recommendations on food, spirits and shopping, as well as club and lounge locations.


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