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    North to Alaska! Our adventure continues this week with the second half of our trip to the Last Frontier, and our L.A. pit stop and retreat. It's been an action-packed July -- and if you don't believe me, check out the airports we went (I mean, “ran”) through: LAX-JFK-LGA-DEN-ASE-LAX-SFO-SEA-ANC-SEA-SFO-LAX-DEN-FSD-RAP-DEN-LAX .  It looks like August will be the same, so I’ll still have some catching up to do.

    Amber Airplane and I left off last week at the Moose's Tooth pizza place in Anchorage.  For our new subscribers, we headed north for a couple of my book signings. It was also a great chance to hang out with friends.  

    Our day began with some smoothies that Lisa (the wife of Kevin, my friend from college) made. Mmmmm, were those good! Strawberry, raspberry and oatmeal.  That's right, oatmeal. I’d never think to add it, but boy does it make them tasty. It must be an Alaskan thing.  

    We were scheduled to go down to Seward, a 2 ½-hour drive, for a Kenai Sightseeing glacier tour, but at the last minute we had to cancel. Amber Airplane and I really wanted to go, because our $99 Tour Saver book has a 2-for-1 coupon which right there saved the cost and then some  ($109). The Kenai tour is six hours long, and everyone says it is amazing. I guess it will have to wait till next time, because we didn't know Kevin's friends -- the Spaniards -- had planned for us to go down to Girdwood for a farewell Spanish lunch (gazspacho, fritta, and salad with grapes).  

    They prepared everything at Kevin's house. Then we all drove down the  Seward Highway, one of the most scenic drives in North America. Our jaws dropped when we saw some of the most awesome scenery ever: snow-capped mountains, bald eagles, possibly beluga whales swimming in Cook Inlet.  Simply amazing!  

    Kevin's family has a ski cabin in Girdwood. It’s only 26 miles outside of Anchorage, but it looks and feels like another country. Make sure when (not “if!”) you visit Anchorage to make a stop in Girdwood, because it's home to Mt. Aleyska. After lunch we walked to the base of that incredible mountain for a mini-hike. Nacho, who is a Tour de France junkie, was excited when he saw a backroads caravan filled with bikes in parking lot. (I’m not that into bike racing, but check out their website: 

    Everyone in our group had been to the top many times, so they didn't want to go. Therefore, Amber Airplane and I walked over to the ticket booth to buy our tickets. It costs $16 to ride up the tram, but our tickets were free because our Tour Saver includes one free ride (one more reason to get that great book). FYI: You can ride down for free, but that means you gotta walk up. Luckily my exercise-fanatic brother wasn't with us; otherwise I would still be sucking on my inhaler.  

    The mountain is 2,300 feet up, and the tram holds 60 people plus skis. In the summer it departs every 15 minutes, or whenever they get 20 people – whichever comes first. The tram is right next to the Alyeska Prince Hotel.  The tram is open daily from 10:30 AM to 9:30 PM.  As you may know I am not a big fan of heights, so I wasn't too keen on going up. But I can't live in fear forever. Even though the tram is 300 feet high at one point, and sways a bit, I never felt unsafe. That’s because it's so huge, plus the breathtaking views took my mind off how high we were.

    When we got  off we felt like we were on top of the world. The air was cool and crisp. We walked a couple of hundred yards to Glacier Bowl which looked more like the moon.  Like a fool I climbed a 15-foot pile of snow and tried to ski down on my size 13 feet. As you can see that didn't turn out as boastfully as I predicted to Amber Airplane.  

    The glacier is constantly melting this time of year, and a rapid  stream runs all the way to Cook Inlet. Before heading back down we checked out the swanky Seven Glacier restaurant.  It's a 4-diamond eatery with 4-diamond prices, so bring your wallet. The average entree was around $35. Ordering surf and turf will set you back a cool $52. Ouch! But where else can you eat amazing food, enjoy spectacular views, and ski in and ski out?   Seven Glaciers (This Menu Is In PDF), Girdwood, AK, tel.: 907 754-2237.

    It was time to head back to Anchorage. We didn't even have time to continue south on Seward Highway for 10 minutes to check out  Portage Glacier like I wanted to (fortunately, we saw it last year). Instead we rushed back to make the last showing at our favorite movie theatre/restaurant. That's right: a combination movie theater and restaurant. It's called the Bear Tooth.  Not surprisingly, the owners are the same as the Moose's Tooth. They serve their famous designer pizzas, plus a whole bunch of other good food and snacks.  

    I personally love watching movies while eating real food. Picture a normal movie theater, but take out every other row of seats and install skinny  tables.  That's the Bear Tooth. You’d think there would be distractions from people eating and waiters delivering food, but for some reason there are not. Amber Airplane and I agree there are actually fewer distractions than a normal theater. Go figure! Another bonus is that it is very inexpensive: $3 per person to get. That probably explains why it is usually sold out (just like the night we went). They show movies that just left “normal” theaters and are about to be released on video (kind of like the airlines, but without the editing). We saw Anger Management, which we both liked.   Bear Tooth Theatre Pub, 1230 W 27th St., Anchorage, AK 99503.

    It's weird to come out of an 8 p.m. movie looking like late  afternoon.  When we got back to the house it was 11. We chilled by the fire with everyone, and told stories of the past. Just another great night in Alaska.  

    Friday was our last day there. While heading to the car I saw another moose in the driveway.  This wasn't as big as the one I spotted the other day, so everyone teased me: “Wow, did you see that elephant-sized moose?" They laugh now, but who’ll be laughing if the monster I came face to face with returns?   

    Ms. Airplane and I had lunch at another fine restaurant, Simon & Seaforts, with Scott McMurren who runs the AlaskaTravelGram and his friends. The food is as good as the views.  We highly recommend it.  Simon & Seaforts Saloon & Grill, 420 L Street, tel: 907-274-3502.

    After lunch Lisa and the Spaniards picked us up and brought us to another one of Amber Airplane's favorite Alaska gift shops: Alaska Berry. I wasn't complaining, because in addition to all kinds of homemade chocolates they have free samples! This is a must stop for Alaskan presents. Alaska Berry stocks every possible tourist gift, from stuffed wild animals to out-of-the-ordinary jellies (I recommend the fireweed jelly). They also have the largest chocolate fountain in the world. Amber and Lisa had to hold me back so I wouldn't dive in. That's my kind of a waterfall! Don't miss a walk through the parking lot for some fireweed ice cream (so good!). Also check out the reindeer.  BTW: Fireweeds are not pretty flowers; they really are weeds. They got their name because they are the first plants to grow after a fire. Alaska Berry, 5225 Juneau Street, Anchorage, tel.: 800-280-2927.

    We ended the evening with my last book signing at Cook Inlet on 5th Avenue, then went straight to the airport. Like most flights to the mainland, ours did not leave until around midnight. Did you know Alaska Airlines has five red eye flights to Seattle alone? We arrived early, which was good because the United check-in line was a nightmare. It was so long they had to pull us and the rest of the Seattle passengers so we wouldn’t miss it. BTW:  I like the motif of the airport. It's not one of those sterile ones that could be anywhere; you really feel like you’re in Alaska.

    Check out our crazy itinerary: We flew to Seattle at 11:35 p.m., and arrived at 4:41 a.m. Our flight to SFO was at 6 a.m.; then we connected to our LAX flight at 8:05 a.m. We were home by 10 a.m., and boy were we cranky. Can you blame us? We could've flown to Europe in that time. In case you’re wondering, this routing is called the cheap man's ticket to Alaska. 

    We were tired, but there was no time to rest. Instead we hopped on our bikes and enjoyed the warm Southern California sun before heading out on our next trip – a mere 30 hours later.  

    Next week read all about our 8-day South Dakota tour. (If you read last week’s newsletter, did you figure that’s where we went?)

    • Anchorage NBC Ch 2!
    • August 3, 2003 WICU (NBC) ~ ERIE, PA
    • August 3, 2003 WJET (ABC) ~ ERIE, PA
    • August 1, 2003 WSEE (CBS) ~ ERIE, PA
    • August 1, 2003 WICU (NBC) ~ ERIE, PA
    • July 31, 2003 Q104FM - CLEVELAND
    • July 30, 2003 WTMY 1280AM ~ SARASOTA, FL
    • Wayne's World
    • August 1, 2003 WPON 1460AM- DETROIT

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    • This is amazing!!! I bet Mom can see you now! She and all of us are so proud of you!  Keep up the great work.  Love, Carol
    • Keep up the great work!  Every few days when on my travels I check your website for great articles, leads and information to benefit my travel experience.  What's great about the way you present yourelf in print and photos is that you make us feel as if we're part of your family too!  Your dad reminds me of mine!  God Bless you all... Phil from So. California
    • I just read this and last weeks “Where’s Johnny.”  Although I’m not Italian by birth, the account of your cousin’s wedding was touching indeed – especially your comments to the bride and groom.  You mother would be proud of your for sure!  I also loved your comments about Anchorage.  When my brother-in-law was stationed in the Army in Fairbanks, we flew into Anchorage and drove to Fairbanks.  Although I never intended to travel to Alaska, I would go back in a heartbeat – the whole state is breathtakingly beautiful.  We also later returned to Anchorage, stayed in a private location inside the Denali Park and were allowed to drive to it via the dirt highway.  We later drove our rental car from Fairbanks up the gravel highway to the Arctic Circle – now that was a treacherous ride dodging big rig trucks and flying gravel.  Keep those letter coming!  I feel like a member of your family.  P.S.  I still tell everyone about your website and weekly travel stories – I hope you’re getting lots of new subscribers.’Connor - San Diego, CA
    • I'm glad you got a shot of the mountains as you flew over them.  That's always one of my most vivid memories of my travels to Alaska.  It's truly one of God's wonders.   Congrats on the successful book signing.  That has to be a great thrill.  Robert - Pittsburgh
    • You and Amber running through the airport was hilarious! I actually cried tears reading how you and her ran to the furthest terminal.  And congratulations on your book signing!  That's our boy!  We're so proud of you!  Lolly- Los Angeles
    • Just because you're on tv, radio, and signing autographs, don't get all big-headed on me.  Don't forget about the little people when you become a big star! :-) N. - Boston
    • A couple of Anchorage thoughts:   I took a 747 out of there to Salt Lake, with maybe 10 passengers if you couldn't a couple of people twice.  When I asked the flight attendant why they used a 747, she smiled and pointed down.  She meant the hold:  The plane was filled with cargo.  Anchorage is a key shipping point for goods between the US and Asia, she said -- even if there were no passengers at all, the flight would still make money.  Who knew?  Dan - Connecticut
    • Email looks great. Website looks great. YOU ARE GREAT!!!  Kirk - L.A.
    • Johnny Jet, I enjoy your newsletter a lot. My son is Hobotraveler. Well. He made it to the border of  Iraq , sounds like he had great fun. He told me all about your newsletter and this old lady really is enjoying it. Sharry G - Indiana
    • Muchas gracias! Isn't Alaska the coolest place (no pun, really)? It's amazing to see the landscape so rugged, unique, and beautiful. Too bad that there's so many locations so difficult to gain access to, but it's absolutely worth the effort to try. A whirlwind stay of a few days is like wine tasting - makes you want to go back for more. I'm sure that Amber discovered some fine gift shops there as well.  Burt- New Jersey
    • I really like your website. I am in the travel industry and find it very helpful. Ginny - Atlanta
    • Hi--Am going on a tour of Europe soon, and my flight from Newark to Amsterdam and back is on Singapore Airlines.  Do you know anything about them?  Any safety issues?  Love your site.  Thanks.   Sandy, St.Louis.  REPLY:  Lucky you!  Singapore Airlines wins best Int'l airline every year.  Enjoy your trip!
    • I heard about your web page on the radio yesterday in Cleveland (104.1).  I have to say that it is the best page I have ever seen.  Congratulations and thanks so muck for creating and maintaining it. Jim C - Cleveland
    • As always, I loved this week's newsletter.  We're going on back-to-back cruises (up and back from Vancouver) on August 10.  We have been before.  In Seward, the turnaround point, we have booked a dog sled ride (on wheels) through   They raise dogs for the Iditarod race (March).  They will pick us up at the cruise ship terminal and deliver us back there.  I've talked to others who have taken their tour and it comes highland recommended at $39 a person.  It includes a tour of the facilities and a chance to play with this year's puppies. Willa - Seattle

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