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Wow, what a week this has been. Those of you who are new subscribers (fortunately there are many, thanks to last week's PBS Chicago appearance -- more on that later) will need to read last week's newsletter to understand this week's. The quick version is: I got engaged. The long version is right here at your fingertips.

I must tell you Amber Airplane and I were contemplating not telling you guys every detail of my proposal because it's so personal, but we quickly realized that you are our extended family, and should know the whole story. We knew we made the right decision less than a minute after sending the newsletter. That's right -- not even a minute after hitting the “send” button emails and IM's flooded in. It was amazing! I learned that some of you can read almost as fast as my dad (he can read a book in 20 minutes -- and write a report on it). In the first hour alone we received a few hundred emails. Every single one was full of congratulations and love. THANK YOU! We really appreciate it. You guys are the best. 

Amber Airplane and I spent most of Wednesday reading all those emails together at my (soon to be “our”) cousin’s house in Chicago. But before I tell you about our trip to Chi-Town, let me say that we included a bunch of the emails in our "Reader Air Email" section, so don't forget to scroll down after reading this week's story. All the emails were great, but this one particularly touched me. It’s from my buddy JP, who was with us at Hollister Ranch before I popped the big question. He wrote: "CONGRATULATIONS!   What a great story...I have to tell you, Peter, Tania, Glenn and I were in the bus driving back to our cars. Tania saw a falling star and we all turned and saw it...."  Now how amazing is that?  They must've seen the same falling star!    

As you might have imagined, it's been a whirlwind time. One reason is because we didn't tell anyone for almost a week that we were engaged, so we had all these bottled-up emotions we were waiting to release. Why didn't we tell anyone? Well, I didn't tell you the whole story. I actually did not have the ring on top of the hill (I’m sorry I fibbed last week, but it painted a better picture, didn't it?). As you will read, that turned out better in the long run for Amber Airplane, because she got two proposals, not one. 

While Amber and I were up on that special hill, we agreed to keep our engagement a secret until she had a ring on her finger. I told her I would have the ring within a month (I knew it would be just a few days, but I wanted to keep her guessing). I actually ordered the ring a long time ago from my cousin AJ's jeweler in New York. I had AJ hold onto the ring for me so Amber wouldn't find it. AJ lives in New York, so I figured when it was the right time to pop the question I would do it there (or at least pick it up there). But the hill on Hollister Ranch brought out so much love in me that I couldn't wait any longer.  BTW: How much opposite can you get than Hollister Ranch and New York?

It was time for Amber Airplane's sister and niece to go back home to Cleveland after spending a week and a half visiting us in L.A. Like a good sister, Amber Airplane decided to fly home with them to help manage Chloe and personally tell her mom the big news. I had a TV interview in Chicago, so Amber Airplane agreed to meet me there on her way back to L.A. It was also time for us to visit my (soon-to-be “our”) cousins who live on the North Shore.  I flew to ORD on Monday morning. Amber Airplane met me at the gate, and cousin Dennis picked us up at the airport. Instead of going straight to Dennis' home we surprised his son Willem at school. We then went to their house, where we broke the big news to the whole family (Dennis, his wife Sheridan, daughter Bea and son Willem).  

It was pretty emotional the way we told them. I wrote last week's newsletter on the flight to Chicago, so when we got to their house I told Sheridan to sit on Dennis' lap and read the newsletter I was about to send out. I said, “Make sure you read it out loud so everyone can hear.” When she got to the proposal I could hear Amber Airplane -- sitting next to them working on her lap top -- sniffling.  

It's always great to stay with my Chicago cousins. Not only are they so cool, and have a cozy house with WiFi, but Sheridan is an amazing chef so we always eat like royalty. After her famous rendang (spicy Indonesian beef) we went over to their friends’ house to watch the Bears get crushed by the Packers on Monday Night Football. As you know the game was lame, and we left at halftime.  When we got home I realized my cousin Dennis is a little weird. Have you ever seen someone sprinkle parmesan cheese on dog food? He said that was the only way Braize (the dog) will eat his food. Can you tell the dog grew up in an Italian household and lives near the Wisconsin border?

On Wednesday night I was asked to be a guest on the popular Chicago show " Chicago Tonight", which airs every week night on PBS TV (Channel 11) at 7 p.m. I have worked many times with host Bob Sirot on his radio gig.  He is also the co-host for Travel Channel Radio. Bob is the coolest guy to work with, and I think the show went well.  They asked me to come back on a regular basis, so you know what that means: Frequent visits to Chicago.  

That's great news to Amber Airplane, because Chicago is her favorite city. It was where she lived when I met her, and she is always happy to go back. I knew this was the place to give her the ring 30 minutes after landing, not New York, Paris or any other place I had contemplated. When we got to Dennis' house I went outside, secretly called AJ and said, "It's time! Please overnight the merchandise (ring) to your brother's house in Chicago.” The next morning I waited for the FedEx guy, to intercept him before he rang the bell. 

Sneaky and wise cousin Dennis saw me get the package outside. He asked, “What’s that? Asthma medication?” I said, “Yeah, asthma medication.” Minutes later AJ called to see if the goods were delivered, and Dennis overheard me say “The Eagle has landed.” That blew the cover. I knew Dennis knew what was really in that package, so I asked for his advice on where I should give her the ring. I knew I had to do it somewhere downtown, but wasn't sure where. Dennis said it was easy; the best place is the Signature Room. It’s on the top floor of the John Hancock building, which after 9/11 is now the fourth tallest building in the U.S. It is the 14th tallest building in the world today, if you count the Petronas Towers in Malaysia as one.

I agreed with Dennis that the Signature Room was the right place. Now my big dilemma was how to get Amber Airplane there without her knowing what's going on. Dennis and I came up with a master plan. Amber Airplane knew that he had to go into the city for a dinner appointment. But she didn't know that when he came to say goodbye to us, that I would say, "Hey, can we get a ride to the city with you? We’ll grab a bite to eat down there at one of my favorite places.”

Amber Airplane and I were working on our laptops when he came down to say he was leaving. I asked Dennis if we could go, and he said it was a great idea. He added, “How about after my dinner meeting and your dinner we meet at the Signature Room for a drink to celebrate your engagement?” Amber Airplane took the bait. I played it off, saying, "I don't know. Ever since 9/11, I don't feel that comfortable in tall touristy buildings in big cities.”  That is partly true, but I made it sound worse so she would beg me to go up there. She did.

When Dennis dropped us off at Michigan Avenue, I said we should walk around a bit and then go to her favorite restaurant. Amber Airplane said she wasn’t very hungry, and was in the mood for my favorite Chicago restaurant. Food Life is a gigantic food court with more than a dozen stations, including self-service Mexican, Italian, Asian, vegetarian, burgers and a bakery. What's nice about this place is you get a card that records your purchases at each station, so you can pay all at once when you leave. Food Life: 835 N. Michigan Ave. (Water Tower Place), Chicago; tel.: (312) 335-3663.

We walked around Michigan Avenue. I had to hold on to Amber Airplane’s hand so she wouldn't go into every store (she was frothing at the mouth to spend money). I also had to hold her hand because she kept trying to put her arm around me, and just missed feeling the ring box a few times.  My nerves were almost shot, because I hate when surprises don't go as planned.
We made one stop on Michigan Avenue. It was at Garrett's Popcorn Shop which always has a line out the door. This place has delicious flavored popcorn -- and high prices. I don't know if this is typical, but the workers weren't very friendly. In fact, they were actually rude to us and the people behind us. Garrett Popcorn Shop , 670 N Michigan Ave., Chicago; tel.: (312) 944-2630.    

We walked a few blocks down the cold streets and went to diner at Food Life. I thought of a potential roadblock, so I went to the bathroom and called Dennis on his cell. I asked if the John Hancock has security or metal detectors. That could have disrupted the entire ring plan.

It turned out there was no security at all, and the nonstop elevator took less than a minute to the top. It was smooth ride, but it’s best to chew gum or swallow to pop your ears.  Here's a great tip: Instead of going to the John Hancock Observatory on the 94th floor and paying $9.75 for adults (the fee for seniors 62 and up is $7.75, for children ages 5 to 12 it’s $6.00, and children 4 and under are free), go to the Signature room Lounge. It's two floors higher, quieter -- and free! Well, almost free. You do need to buy a drink, but a soda cost $5, beer $6.50 and champagne $9. It's much cheaper, less crowded, and more laid back. The views from up there are post card-perfect. On a clear day you can see up to 80 miles and four states. 
The Hancock Observatory, on the 94th floor open daily from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. 
The Signature Room Grille on the 95th floor is open for dinner on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.  Friday-Saturday 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.
The Signature Room Lounge on the 96th Floor is open Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4 p.m. to 12 a.m.  Friday-Saturday 4 p.m. to 1 a.m.
All located at 875 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago.  

It was a glorious night, and we were able to snag a table by the window. The sky was crystal clear, the moon was shining, and the Sears Tower (the second tallest building in the world) was lit by pink lights. Yes, pink – Amber Airplane's favorite color.  Both of us said we have never seen it lit that way.  I knew this was the time and place to make our engagement official.  

We ordered champagne, marveled at the view, and then came the big moment. I went back down on my knees and pulled out the ring. I won't go into detail, because this is getting too girly and I am not that connected to my feminine side. I will say that Amber Airplane had tears in her eyes (again) and said the ring was perfect. It was an amazing night.    

Happy Travels,

Johnny Jet

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  • I really love this site..what a wealth of information. A person can really learn a lot from it. I am ordering a T-shirt. THANKS.  Jeffrey - NYC
  • Love your site, I found a cute web page for laughs.. www.skyhighairlines.com ... You may have it somewhere on your page that I haven't come across yet, but if you don't I am sending it your way. Vanessa - Lake Charles.  REPLY:  Thanks Vanessa!  We have it linked on our travel humor page but have been meaning to plug it in the newsletter.  So thanks!  
  • Saw you being interviewed by Bob Sirott WTTW Chicago Oct 1st . Good hook. Enjoyed it.  A.J. - Chicago, IL
  • "Living with a baby for a week is the best birth control method around."  It's different when the baby is your own. Trust me. Love your newsletter! Lisa A. - Germany
  • Mr. Jet - How can you not include Que Bueno in your discussion about food options in the Denver airport?!?!?!  That place is awesome!  Their tacos and burritos are about as good as I've had anywhere.  It wins all kinds of awards and always seems to have a line (though it moves quickly).  Check 'em out in Concourse B.  You won't be disappointed.  Nick - Boston
  • You forgot Alaska.....They are almost as good as Vermont......Shame on you after having been here....if only for a short time.....It is 58 today and we are having indian summer........ Bonnie F

    Amber Airplane and I would like to thank each and everyone of our readers who sent us emails expressing good luck and kind wishes. We truly appreciate the tons of emails received and we look forward to sharing more of the excitement in future "Where's Johnny Jet" newsletters.

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations brother.  You made a fine choice.  In a world of people, you found a heart that shines like one of those stars you saw on your special night... I love you both and our family just got better.  Mom is happy too.  I can feel her tears falling from heaven.  FRANK
  • Congratulations John!!!! - I knew there was something up that night...... and by the way, Tania, JP, Glenn, and I saw that shooting star as well - it was awesome!  Tania cried when she read your email and is extremely happy for you two! Peter W -  
  • I'm glad you finally pulled the trigger. Amber is awesome, you guys have made it through a lot and deserve a good life together. I'm especially happy she knew your mom.  That's big! Andy W. - Santa Barbara
  • CONGRATULATIONS!  THAT'S AWESOME NEWS!!!!  I guess I'm the first person on your entire mailing list to congratulate you (besides your family).  I'm honored!  This newsletter made my day...  Dan Woog - Connecticut
  • Congratulations on your engagement!! Woo hoo!   I am so excited for you.   Before you know it there will be little "jets" running around.  Anita D  Cranberry Township, PA
  • Congratulations Johnny!  Will she become Amber Airplane-Jet?  Jon D - Boston, MA
  • I'm sure you have gotten a ton of congratulatory emails from your adoring fans, but I wanted to add my two cents.  So congratulations on your engagement.  I wish you a very smooth wedding planning period and a fun day for the event.  Thanks for sharing the moment with us.  It made me smile. =)  Jenny W -  Prescott Valley, AZ
  • Congratulations to both you and Amber!  Even though I don't personally know either of you, just following along with your adventures through the newsletters has made me feel like you're both part of my family.  I was at work when I read the latest newsletter and blurted out "Johnny Jet and Amber Airplane are getting married".  I even cried a little; however, no one in the office made fun of me - they know who you are just from my comments as I read your site and newsletters.  Your proposal was really sweet and I think Amber's getting a really good guy (and his great family).  I wish you both the best.  Get ready for a wild ride.  Marriage is a lot of fun and a lot of hard work and, since you two have so much in common, it should be really wonderful.  Marrying your best friend is as good as it gets.  Again, congrats!!!   P.S.  If you're ever in Georgia, you should check out the city of Helen.  It's a lot like Solvang - a Bavarian village in the North Georgia mountains.  They have a really cool Octoberfest celebration there for the whole month of October.  I'll be there in just a few weeks!  Robin S - Atlanta
  • Congrats John!  Oh my god I was just waiting for this to happen.  I thought it was going to happen when you were in Tahiti for sure!  Well good luck and congratulations.  Tell Amber Airplane too I said congrats!  Amy M - San Francisco
  • Hey Boy I just read the newsletter.....Congrats!!!  She seems like a great match for you...Big Smiles attract big smiles......You will love the married life and I truly believe that you to will live a long healthy life together...Your mom would be very proud of you as am I....I wish you the best.  Kyle E - Redondo Beach, CA
  • Congratulations to Johnny Jet and Amber Airplane!!  As soon as I read the subject line of your latest newsletter, I was hoping to read about your engagement.  The tears flowed - you two are like family, you know.  Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness together! Linda - Sussex, WI
  • Took ya long enough Johnny!!  Congratulations to you and Amber on your engagement and thanks for sharing your moment with the world.  I am sure you are both being deluged with lots of friends and family sharing your happiness and your commitment to one another.   What fun!  Stay happy and good to each other. Sincerely, Jackie M - Foster City, CA
  • I've never written to you before, but now's as good a time as any..............I love your column.  Love the personal way you write and how you tie in the photo's. 12 years ago my husband and I got engaged in Monterey, Cal.  We drove up the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to San Francisco and we stopped one night in Solvang and stayed at the same place you and Amber did. So CONGRATULATIONS to you and Amber Airplane.  I wish you lots of happiness together.  And I'm sure you'll let us all know how the wedding plans are coming along.  Can't wait to see the wedding photo's!  Best Wishes, Candice Sabatini   (aka The Flying Sabatini's - since we travel so much).  
  • I've been an avid reader of your "travel journals" for a couple years now. And every single week, after I read your entry, I ask myself, "When is that dude going to propose??" HAHA!! Finally, you have answered my question!  I'm so happy for both of you. I love reading about your trips around the world and now I'm looking forward to hearing about your wedding plans.  I'm heading to Vega$ this weekend. I'll be sure to play a few slots in honor of your upcoming marriage. Wish me luck!  My best to both of you. Deirdre Blackburn, Memphis, TN
  • Congratulations Johnny and  Amber. Will it be Amber Jet or Amber Airplane Jet or Amber Jet Airplane?:) Deb - Calfornia
  • Congrats to you and Amber both!  Where's the picture of the ring?  You know all the women want to see it!!!! Christine L - New York
  • Mazel Tov!  I'm going to temple on Sunday for Yom Kippur and will say a beautiful prayer for you and Amber.  We are so happy for you! Love, Lolly & Patrick - Los Angeles
  • Wow!  Congratulations to you and Amber Airplane (Jet) on your engagement.  And what a wonderful, romantic way to do it, too.  Best of luck to you both and may you have many happy years together!  I feel like I know you both, and I fully expect to run into you in some airport someday.  At least I'll recognize you - you'll be the ones with the goofy grins on your faces! Kori in NJ
  • Hey there!  It's about time!  You made a great decision!  You two are perfect for each other.  In my opinion, it should have happened a long time ago, but hey! In my next lifetime,  I am requesting to come back as a DiScala. (Your family is awesome!) The falling star is a true sign...Congratulations! :-) Muffin - San Antonio, TX
  • It's about time you popped the question!  I'm happy for you both. Ken B -  Nebraska
  • We don't know one another but I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to you and Amber.....I am so happy for the both of you.....A long healthy life filled with love and happiness...... I thoroughly enjoy your newsletter and look forward to receiving it each week.  Terry G - Boca Raton, FL
  • I figured going to all these weddings this year was gonna wear you down, ha ha!  Smile!  I, like many of your readers, am thrilled for both of you!  - Congrats! and Hugs for both of ya - Yvey P - Indianapolis, IN
  • Congrats on your engagement.  That was a very sweet story – I know your mom is happy for both of you.  My oldest daughter was married in August – it takes more planning, patience and money than I imagined, but the outcome is well worth it. Geof - San Diego
  • Thanks for sharing with us all the  beautiful moment when you proposed to Amber Airplane. It was a great story!  I was wondering WHEN this would happen!! I got teary-eyed as you spoke to your Mom, asking for a sign, such as a falling star...and I'm sure she was right there with you. Congratulations and best wishes! Pamela S - Atlanta
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jet~ I'm sure I speak for many of your readers when I say - "Congratulations to you both!"  Anyone who can keep up with your pace is a special woman. Although, I think she should keep her maiden name, Amber Jet just doesn't have the same ring to it, maybe you could just call her Mrs. Jet from now on *smiles*  Take care and have fun planning the big day. ~Carolyn Concierge - San Francisco
  • Well it's about bloody time!  Congratulations!  Just curious, however.  Will her wedding dress be pink since that seems to be her favourite colour?? All the best!! John W. - Sydney, Australia
  • John,---Congratulations and Best Wishes to you and Amber on your engagement and coming marriage. After all, you can"t go all through your life just having a good time!  (Just Kidding!), Murray H.  Los Angeles
  • Johnny Jet (and the future Amber Jet):  All I can say is . . . CONGRATULATIONS!   I hadn't read your "Where's Johnny Jet" in a few months so I was elated when I read the wonderful  news.  I wish the two of you well and all the best the world has to offer. Lucinda (happily married for 26 years AND planning more travel!) Los Angeles, CA
  • Congrats on the "merger."  She's a terrific gal and you two make a great pair. Hope all goes well. Tim W. - Los Angeles, CA
  • Congrats to you and Amber on your engagement. I'm sure you'll both be very happy traveling & shopping the world over as Mr. & Mrs. Jet! Keep up the good work on your newsletters. I enjoy seeing them in my mailbox & living vicariously through your travels. I do plan on some travel soon & will use you site to book . Harry B - Stratford, CT
  • I just automatically assume a "merger" is a new takeover or business partnership...guess in a way that's what marriage is too!!  Congrats to Johnny Jet and Amber! Norman M - Chicago, IL
  • God bless!  - Pastor Dick
  • Congratulations, Johnny! You brought tears to my eyes as I read how you proposed. I am so happy for you as I know your journey together will be filled with every happiness in the world.  all my best to you and Amber! Julie A - Los Angeles, CA
  • Congrats on the engagement!!!!  When I read the subject line, I thought you sold your company… and you didn’t even give us the chance to bid on it. Congratulations again and tell Amber the same. J. R. - Los Angeles, CA  
  • Holy you know what BATMAN!!!  Congratulations!!!  I am so happy for you.  Business mind me, I immediately thought about a business merger, not a love merger. This is really great news.   John B - Encino, CA
  • Hey Johhny - Congrats on your engagement.  I just got married in August so I know what your in for.  Good Luck.  Luke W - Hermosa Beach, CA
  • I just read your latest letter, CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so happy for both of you.  I wish you both all the best, you make a beautiful couple.  Malia K - Los Angeles, CA
  • Dear John and Amber Jet; Nancy and I thought your piece was great. Congratulations. Very moving in one spot too. The best.  Dad and Nancy
  • CONGRATS! Exciting news! Sounds like it was a great setting and that Danish town looks so cute!  I actually have my Danish clogs on today.....   Leslie L - Boston, MA
  • Congratulations to you, Johnny, and Amber, on your recent engagement! I am looking forward to many wonderful stories as you travel through life together! You are a very handsome couple. Your newsletters are informative, yet charming. The photos you take bring your stories to life. Thank you for doing such an excellent job! May God bless you both and keep you safe. Dolores S - Washington D.C. an occasional traveller.  
  • Johnny - each week i so look forward to your very well-told travel tales and have often wondered when the heck you were finally going to pop the question to cute amber airplane and i am just tickled to read that you did.  you two seem like the sweetest couple and the world is lucky to have you both in it - esp as a team.  no rush, but i can't wait to hear stories about wee jet babies!  good luck and congrats - beth
  • Hi John, That was a nice story about your engagement to Amber. I just wanted to wish you congratulations to you and Amber Airplane. You guys will make some nice little single prop stunt planes one day! Sebastian - Marina Del Rey
  • John, Thanks for this weeks e-mail!  Your writing made me go through an array of emotions.   First, I was joyfully surprised by the pictures of Father Sean, Andy, JP and Peter.  It was really nice to see everyone still looks the same.  After Marymount I haven't seen anyone but Vilma.  Please send them my regards.   Second, I was ecstatic to hear about your engagement (finally:). CONGRATULATIONS to you and Amber!  Kudos to you, that was extremely romantic.   Third, I was sad when I read about your Mom being second to know.  I remembered how close you were and I clicked on her webpage to see her picture.  Your writing about her last days was so beautiful I couldn't help but cry.  I am sure it was Mom who sent that shooting star your way!  And finally, I was laughing at your fall.  Sorry but I'm imagining this wonderfully romantic entrance and then ...BAM!  Glad you're OK. Anyway, your newsletter was AWESOME this week (as always)!  Your sharing of every personal experience really makes your readers feel like part of your life, and for this we are - grateful. Again, Congrats and much love, good health and prosperity to you both. Your friend, Melissa (Cookie) - Miami.
  • I have tears in my eyes.....Congratulations!!!  I am SO happy for both of  you. Peggy M - New York
  • Congratulations Buddy!  It's about time you made an honest woman out of Amber.  I am very happy for both of you- give Amber a kiss for me. I find it funny that you proposed after spending a week with kids.  With three children under three right now, I will only say this:  Parenthood is the best-kept secret in life! But have fun until you are ready.  Great hustle, dude.  John H - Boston, MA
  • I guess the merger still has to be completed, but congrats on the fact that the initial negotiations have gone well. You are living a great life, and I am very happy for you and Amber . . .
  • IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU POPPED THE QUESTION!  What a sweet engagement story. What a romantic guy you are!  Thank's for sharing that with your readers - made me cry!  Always enjoy reading about your travels and what's happening with your family. Chris from New Jersey
  • WOW, shooting star incident has the tears rolling. You two are bride and groom of the year. I am so excited and cannot wait to see and watch all the planning and the most handsome groom of ever.  Johnny, you always show the bride and grooms of the wedding you attend, but I just cannot help but say you two take the cake. Amber will shop til she really drops, what excitement we all on your website have coming.  What a fabulous place to propose My son lives in Goleta, just south of Hollister Ranch and I take claim to Santa Barbara as being. Truly heaven on earth.  California Rivera. As pretty as any coast of Europe.  CONGRATS. GOD BLESS.   sailinsal in so calif.
  • Dude I showed my wife your article about your proposal to Amber and it made her cry...She thinks your such the stud.  
  • Congratulations again, I know that Amber's and your union will be a successful one.  You've had a fine family to show you the ropes and to continue to support you.  It has been such a wonderful and busy year for you, with the book, the signings, and the many weddings of family and friends.  When you come through Chicago the next time, I would love to know if you are signing books and perhaps even share a piece of  Mississippi Mud Cake with you both.  (We're in Des Plaines and would love to have you sign my book)  I am curious if your Mom was able to meet Amber before she passed away.  Also how about a shot of the ring (it's a girl thing!) we would love to see it.  Don't let Amber bury you with the bridal magazines!  It's easy to get carried away.  I would think the honeymoon choice would be a hard one, you've already been to some of the most beautiful places in the world together! Enough rambling, Congratulations again we are all so happy for you!
  • Congratulations Buddy!  You and Amber seem to have a lot of fun together and look like best friends.  I wish you the much happiness! Ken P - San Diego
  • CONGRATULATIONS! I am so excited that you are finally going to tie the knot!  I truly could feel your excitement and what a lovely place to celebrate your lovefor each other!  I am sure by now you have received thousands of e-mails.  I hope you have time to read one more.
  • I must admit you had my attention with the 'Merger' title in the subject line.  I have been reading your column now for most of this year.  (Referred from the Inside Traveler column.) I have enjoyed traveling 'with you and Amber Airplane', getting to know your family, sharing your family joys and sorrows, and shopping trips.  You have made many of us feel like 'part of the family'.  For many that don't have family or family close by, you have not only allowed us to live vicariously through your travels but to also feel more connected to the universe.  Your column has truly been a blessing to many.  I know the death of your Mom has been hard on you and your entire family, however, I can't help but feel she is living through you, touching so many hearts through your columns (and through the stars).  Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your family with all of us.  Congratulations again, I know that Amber's and your union will be a successful one.  You've had a fine family to show you the ropes and to continue to support you.  It has been such a wonderful and busy year for you, with the book, the signings, and the many weddings of family and friends.   When you come through Chicago the next time, I would love to know if you are signing books and perhaps even share a piece of  Mississippi Mud Cake with you both.  (We're in Des Plaines and would love to have you sign my book)    I am curious if your Mom was able to meet Amber before she passed away.  Also how about a shot of the ring (it's a girl thing!) we would love to see it.  Don't let Amber bury you with the bridal magazines!  It's easy to get carried away.  I would think the honeymoon choice would be a hard one, you've already been to some of the most beautiful places in the world together!  Enough rambling, Congradutations again we are all so happy for you! Karen - Chicago
  • What beautiful news!  And what an exciting way to share it.  Well done, John.  Amber is a wonderful young woman with a heart of gold.  I'm thrilled for both of you.  You old romantic, you.
  • Love, Aunt Anna
  • dear johnny and amber what a beautiful story...at first i thought it wasn't real until you told me about your mom...i've known jean for 50 years and that doesn't surprise me one bit...congratulations and lots of luck...you both deserve it...love, aunt kay
  • Dear Johnny and Amber, I just read your beautiful story the second time and I got goose bumps all over....I don't dare read it the third time I might start crying and my face will be swollen and I won't be able to go back to work and then I won't be able to get you a present...love and hugs, Aunt Kay
  • What great news!  What a romantic story! You two are truly meant for each other. Congratulations and best wishes. Todd D - New York
  • YES!!!!!  Congratulations Johhny D!!!!! I am so happy for you and Amber!!!! She is so wonderful for you and I have always been your biggest fan!!!! I love you man……. Nicky D.
  • Congratulations Johnny & Amber.  I am very happy for you.  Johnny, it's about time! All the best. Joe D - San Francisco
  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What great news!!!!!!!!!!!! Aunt Jeanne and Aunt Martha are looking down with great big smiles because they are so happy and proud! What a great proposal you romantic! We'll have to have an East Coast celebration really soon! Keep me up to date on what's happening and I'll pass this wonderful news on to Marie and Aunt Mary. Love and All the Best to you both-  Karen K
  • Congratulation Johnny and Amber,
  • Yes, I am sure your Mom is so happy she is most definitely dancing all over God's Heaven.  I can just see her right now. Just remember not to smile too much because people will know your secret and say your in love. Hmmm that would make a great song.  LOL. I couldn't be happier. May God bless and keep you both. Much love. Inez - Idaho
  • What a beautiful story!! You should be a writer Johnny! Congratulations to both of you!! Love, Toni - Pennsylvania
  • OH MY GOD!!!! CONTRATULATIONS JOHNNY AND AMBER! I am so happy for you both. What a great way to propose, and it was perfect that your mom responded that way. She is throwing an engagement party right now in your honor--and knowing your mom, it's a great party!  Love to you both. Catherine Ann
  • Beautiful story. Truly amazing. Congratulations to both you and Amber.  May God bless you both.  Please send an e-mail address for you and Amber.  Once
  • again, congratulations.  Ciao and Forza Johnny Jet and Amber Airplane!  Mike M
  • Congratulations to the both of you.  Being pregnant and hormonal - I have  tears streamimg down my face as I type.  Being a DiScala, I would have tears anyway!  I wish you both all the best that married life has to offer (God  knows I love it).  Congratulatiosn again, and thank you for sharing this story with me.  XOXO, Sasha, Mike, Madeline (and Baby A and Baby B to).

    *Please note that we reserve the right to post excerpts, perhaps edited, from your message on the Johnny Jet website and newsletter. We will not use your full name without your express permission. If you'd rather not have your message posted on the website or newsletter, just say so and it won't be.
Yes, travel is fun, but it is also stressful. We've learned the value of speaking up, but don't lose sight of the importance of manners. Thank those who give good service, compliment your establishment, remark on the remarkable. It can yield results. I've received free upgrades, beverages, rides and, of course, those indefinable benefits of a pleasant chat, through remembering to compliment that which is noteworthy. ???

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