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This week "Where's Johnny" doesn't have anything too special, but instead of leaving the column blank I put in a few random stories.  So if you are pressed for time, skip this column and go right to the deals and news.  Don't worry next week's "Where's Johnny" will have some great stories and holiday traveling tips.  Make sure you tune in to Tech TV's "Call For Help" show today, I will be live in the studio at 3pm ET (11/6/2003).

I left off last week at the tail end of my trip to Sandestin, Florida. From there I drove 24 miles back to Okaloosa airport, where I boarded a 50-seat regional jet bound for Dallas.  I used to be afraid of these little jets, but not anymore. They are actually quite comfortable and stable. The only thing I don't like about regional jets is that my carry-on bag doesn't fit in "the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of me," so I have to pull my computer out and check it. These days the only planes that scare me are those little prop planes.  

I made a classic rookie mistake that could've made a two-and-a-half-hour flight seem like eternity.  A corporate travel agency booked my ticket for the resort that hosted me. I requested all aisle seats, but instead of double-checking with the airline like a smart traveler, I took the lazy route. BIG mistake. When I checked in for my return flight in Florida and asked the agent if I did indeed have an aisle seat she said, "Only to Dallas. Then you're in a middle seat back to Los Angeles." My heart skipped a beat, and I asked politely for an aisle seat. She said she was sorry, but only middle seats were available. I said, "No worries, I'll check when I get to Dallas." I figured there had to be some no-shows. 

Wrong! "What a fool I am," I thought. I know everyone in the world hates middle seats, but I'm bigger than the average bear so it is worse. Besides, such a confined space makes it impossible for me to work on my over-sized laptop.

I was down to my last resort. I asked the agent in Dallas if any middle seats were left between two people with the same last name.  She looked at me like I was crazy, but nodded her head yes. I asked if I could switch my seat to that one? She didn't know what I was up to, but did it anyway. The agent didn't realize that many couples reserve an aisle and window seat in the same row. The reason is because middle seats are the last ones assigned, giving a couple traveling together a much greater chance of more space. I was banking on that my seat mates would want to sit next to each other, and happily to give up either the window or aisle. 

The flight to L.A. was delayed 45 minutes, so all I could do was wait. I knew they weren't serving food, so I decided to find   some carry-on grub. Whenever I travel I try to eat local food, and because I was in Dallas Dickey's BBQ caught my eye, I mean palate. The food was just okay, but nonetheless it was BBQ. I went back to the gate, boarded the plane -- and sure enough my  seat mates were more than happy to trade seats! Phew -- that was a close one!   

I arrived back to L.A. just before the fires started.   Amber Airplane and I had breakfast with our good friend Steve Stripling and his girlfriend Amy. Remember Steve? He is a co-host of the Alaska Travel Gram. I call in to their show every Saturday to give listeners a travel website of the week. Steve was in L.A. to do the show from here, so we ate breakfast at Hennessey's Tavern in Manhattan Beach. I thought Hennessey's would be a good choice for Steve, since it has an outdoor fireplace and an Alaska feel. We had to wolf down our food, because we only had 20 minutes before Steve had to go live on the air. He wanted to do the show outside, and we figured a cool place would be the Manhattan Beach pier. It was. We were in the midst of a bunch of fisherman catching sardines, mackerel and sand sharks.  Hennessey's Tavern, 313 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA; tel.: (310) 546-4813.  
It's hard to believe that last week when I wrote the newsletter I was sitting in my living room sweating bullets with all the windows wide open (it was 90 degrees). It was so hot I took a stroll on the beach, and when the sun started to set it felt like I was on another planet.  There were so many toxins in the air from the fires that the sun was bright red. It was incredible.  

It looks like everyone's prayers and rain dances worked! What a difference a week makes. Not only did it pour on Monday, but I was all bundled up, had the windows slammed shut and had to blow on my hands so I could finish typing. Seriously. It was 49 degrees outside, and our house felt like 22.  It was so cold that Amber Airplane and I had to take the car for a spin around the block to warm ourselves up. No joke. BTW: Amber Airplane wasn't too happy with me when she found out that the reason the heater wouldn't turn on is because I turned the pilot light off for the summer to save a few dollars. Now the gas company can't come for a week to re-light it and I am in the dog house. I know, I know... Don't you think I thought of lighting the pilot myself? The problem is we have an old gas heater, and the whole house now smells like gas from me trying to light the damn thing. I'm afraid one more match might cause the whole house to blow. Then I'd really be in big trouble with Amber Airplane (and our landlord). 

Remember a few week's ago how I wrote about the dog who was driving me nuts because he was howling at another neighbor's absurdly loud opera music? Get this one: Last week around 6 p.m. I was watching Monday Night football, when I heard a cat meowing. It was so loud, I had to turn the TV up. At 11, when I went into the bedroom, the meowing got louder. I wondered if I was on Candid Camera. I couldn't shut the window because it was so hot out, and I couldn't see the cat with my flashlight from my window. I was too tired to go look for it, so I just banged on the window and made a few barking dog noises to scare it. That didn't work. In fact, it only made the cat meow louder. I knew the cat wasn't suffering, because this wasn't the first time this has happened. In fact, I thought it was a cat trying to get another cat to come outside to get frisky, because one night Amber Airplane and I heard  the most disgusting loud cat meows and hisses, and when she looked
out the window she saw the cats making whoopie.  Not a pretty sight.

After 15 minutes lying in bed, I wanted to shoot the cat. That's not like me, because I am an animal lover, but this cat was really starting to piss me off. Instead of yelling profanity I decided to put the TV on the timer and went to sleep listening to a music channel. Guess what? At 2 a.m. I woke up to MEOW, MEOW! I wanted to scream, but all of the neighbors are so close they would hear me, so I rolled over, grabbed some earplugs and went back to sleep. The plugs didn't work, so I just lay in bed staring at the ceiling, wishing ill thoughts. 

In the morning I was working on my computer. After five minutes of meowing I put on my shoes and went to look for it. Ah ha -- I found it! It was on a neighbor's deck on the street behind me. The cat couldn't come down, because it was two stories up, and it wouldn't stop crying. It was driving me so crazy that I nearly started crying myself.  For a while I thought I was going crazy, because no one else seemed to be bothered. Finally I asked a neighbor if she could hear the cat, and she said "YES! I couldn't sleep all night."  Then another neighbor popped her head out of the window and said the cat was driving her insane too.

I was so relieved to know I wasn't the only one going crazy. Now I no longer wanted to kill the cat; I wanted to save it. I knocked on the neighbor's door and asked if that was their cat. The gentlemen said it was the landlord's -- and he was in Hawaii for a week.  We agreed we were going berserk.  

I called animal control, which said they couldn't do anything because it was on private property. I told this to an upset neighbor, and we agreed to do something ourselves. We found an extension ladder on the side of another neighbor's house. I held the rickety, spider infested ladder while this brave soul climbed 20 feet to the balcony with a can of cat food in her back pocket. She fed the cat, but it still wouldn't stop crying. It was too big for her to carry, so I found some rope and a mesh bag.  I threw it up to her. To our surprise the cat crawled right into the bag, and she hoisted it down to me. The cat took off a minute after we took it out of the bag. And guess what? An hour later, while I was working on my computer, I heard those disturbing hissing sounds. The dirty ol' cat was getting busy with the neighbor's cat. HELP!

Amber Airplane's monkey bread recipe is now up on her unfinished website.  Also, don't forget to sign up for her free weekly newsletter, which will begin distribution soon.

Happy travels,

Johnny Jet

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  • I really enjoy the way you write, the way you enjoy life and your wonderful remarks about your mom.  Sincerely, Sheila B
  • Your last newsletter was great as always  Marcus - Florida
  • You have possibly the best site I've ever seen for travel or otherwise. Rider -
  • Loved the story on Sandestin!  What I liked best  was how you wrote about it -- not in a traditional, stodgy, article review-type format, but in a friendly, conversational way. Rosalie - NYC
  • It’s too bad Amber didn’t go along on your trip to Florida.  It really does sound inviting.  My family lives in the Scripps Ranch area of San Diego – yes the area affected by the fire.  It’s hard to imagine how much this area has changed due to the fire damage.  Fortunately, our home was spared.  There are so many who were not at lucky.  Like you, I’m praying for rain to clear the air and stop the fires.  Geof - San Diego
  • You mentioned that Destin Beach had the whitest, softest sand you've experienced (other than Australia).  Have you ever been to Siesta Key Beach further down the Gulf Coast of Florida?  It's off the coast of Sarasota and the beach is beautiful.  The sand is made from quartz and never gets hot!  We were there in July so I can vouch for that.  The  beach has the whitest, softest sand I've ever seen and felt!  Jim Woodside - Fredericksburg, VA   REPLY: Jim, I have never been to Siesta Key beach, but it sounds inviting.  The closest that I have come to there is Clearwater Beach.  I was there two years ago with my brother for the big game (In Tampa) and we stayed in Clearwater.  The sand is very similar if not the same to Sandestin and I should've mentioned that in the newsletter.  Thanks for reminding me!  

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Brussels, Belgium

Hi johnny, Really enjoy your newsletter. We just returned from a visit to Brussels Belgium. Great place for the sites and food, However it seems if you want to change American money to Euros, you had not better have any amounts larger than 20's. Seems Belgium is on a conterfit scare and the  target is 100 collar bills. No bank will take them or change them. had a really hard time and ended up using the credit card to get money form the ATM and you  know what that costs. Just wanted to let anyone know if they are headed abroad. Thanks for all the Jonny Jet newsletters and Congrats to you and Amber. Lynda Breithaupt - Flora, Mississippi

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