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I know, I know, I am a little behind on my stories, but when I go somewhere for the first time and really like it I have way too much to write for one newsletter.  After Puerto Vallarta our travels continued, but to places I have been many times. So we will be up to date in no time (after next week's newsletter).  In the meantime sit back and relax as we head off to the Midwest for another feast: Thanksgiving.  More food -- just what I need! 

Amber Airplane and I were the first passengers off the plane from Puerto Vallarta.  We thought we were golden, because only a couple of people passed us on the long walk in Terminal 5.  AeroMexico uses the Delta terminal (it's their SkyTeam partner) at LAX, and getting to customs is a bit of a walk.  We thought customs would be smooth, because we were not in the International Terminal and were first off the plane. But we couldn't have been more WRONG!  It turns out a flight from China landed just before we did, so instead of being first, it was like sitting in the last row of a 747.  The line didn't move for 30 minutes; in fact, it was so long we could not even see the custom agents.  Finally a separate line opened just for Mexico passengers.  Phew!

We jumped in a taxi, which is always interesting at LAX because we have no idea how the taxi driver will react when we tell him how close to the airport we live.  Most drivers start yelling at us, or mutter profanities under their breath and kick their rear tires on the way to their seat after loading the trunk.  It can be amusing.  (Turkeys who act like that don't get good tips).  Anyway, even though we don’t live far, we had an adventure getting home.  As soon as we turned out of LAX, our driver got pulled over.  How many times does this happen to you? (I bet never.)  It turns out our driver had a lead foot (and, on top of that, was not too bright).  The cop asked, "Do you know how fast you were going?"  The driver said, "I don't know, maybe 35 or 40?"  Amber Airplane and I just put our heads down in the back and shook them, and I whispered to her "You gotta go low, not high.” It was a 20-mph hour zone, so I would have told the cop “23.”  Luckily, the cop had a heart. If he gave this guy a ticket he would have lost his license for a year (that's according the cop, anyway).  The worst part about the whole ordeal is we forgot to see if our driver had the meter running for the 10 minutes we were pulled over. 

We were in L.A. only for two days. The highlight was showing my cousin Nina from Boston the area where we live.  

Amber Airplane and I were supposed to spend Thanksgiving with my family, at my sister’s house in Erie, PA.  We also looked forward to celebrating my dad's birthday the following day.  But guess what?  We missed the last flight out (the red eye) on Wednesday night.  How did we miss it?  Good question.  We are notorious for running to the plane, because Ms. Airplane is always late. That, combined with another taxi fiasco, prevented us from getting on.  My mom always said "things happen for a reason,” but I’m not sure our taxi driver would agree. Would you believe we had the same driver as two nights previously?  And guess what?  That's right... good ol’ Mr. Lead Foot had not learned his lesson. This time he paid the price.  Not only was he pulled over, but he got taken downtown. I guess he was over the limit for tickets, and this cop was not as understanding as the first one.) 

As Dano (the officer) was booking the guy, we waited outside for another taxi. By the time the backup arrived, it was too late. Since we were so close to LAX we went in just in case the flight was delayed, but as you can see from this  picture we got left behind.  It was just as well (my mom was right). Amber Airplane and I didn't feel like flying coach on the all-nighter anyway. As you will read, things did work out for the best.  

Thanksgiving morning we were back at the airport around 7:30 a.m.  We were flying to Cleveland via Chicago (it's cheaper than flying direct to Erie), but we saw our first flight was delayed due to weather problems in Chicago (a shocker, I know).  Instead of just relaxing in the lounge and having breakfast, we decided to run all the way through Terminal 7 to Terminal 6 to the gate where the IAD (Washington Dulles) flight was departing.  We arrived just as the gate agent was about to close the door, and asked (real nicely) if we could get on this 777 to D.C., then fly to CLE.  He was a nice guy, and held the plane two minutes as he changed our tickets.  Not only that -- but he bumped us up to business class.  Hello! Always bring that box of chocolates…

The flight was so comfortable we didn't even care when the flight attendant said they didn't have a hot business class meal for us.  Instead they served us a fruit plate and a hot coach  meal.  No problem!  Four hours later we were in D.C. We hopped on everyone's favorite, the people movers (I'm being sarcastic -- but I actually like them. I think they’re cool, except of course when I’m running late --they take a while to load and unload.) From there we boarded a CRJ (50-seater regional jet) and flew an hour to Cleveland. We took the long way -- but we got there.

We landed at 6 p.m., and instead of driving 100 miles to Erie we went to Amber Airplane’s parents’ house for  Thanksgiving.  I had called my family already to tell them we would not arrive until Friday.  Amber Airplane's family was kind enough to wait for us, and we had a late Thanksgiving feast !  Boy, was it good.  To top it all off, Amber Airplane whipped up some of her tasty sweet potatoes (she puts brown sugar and marshmallows on them).  Ummm!  With all that food, I felt like I was back in Puerto Vallarta.

I was only in Cleveland for a night because I needed to get to my sister Carol's house in time for our dad's birthday party.  The actual date was November 16, but he insisted we celebrate it over Thanksgiving weekend so my siblings and I wouldn't have make two trips. (He actually didn't want to celebrate it at all, but we made him). 

I was going to take my favorite transportation between Cleveland and Erie, but the folks at Anderson shuttle were not answering the phone because of the holiday.   Instead of waiting around for them, I hopped on the dreaded Greyhound bus.  The last time I took this thing I swore I would never take it again (there were a bunch of crazies), but the $14 price was too good to pass up.  (The Anderson shuttle is $14.95, but much cleaner and more comfortable).  Amber Airplane dropped me off in dreary downtown Cleveland at the bus station, and I was pleasantly surprised that the bus was filled with normal holiday travelers. 

Two hours later I was in freezing Erie.  My sister was late picking me up because she and my cousin Dennis from Chicago ( they were in town too) were out shopping and lost track of time. (Those two are worse than Amber Airplane when it comes to shopping).  

I arrived at Carol and my brother-in-law Tom's house, and said hello to everyone.  The kids gave me a really nice welcome. They screamed “Uncle Johnny!” and jumped all over me.  I felt great.  My  dad and niece and nephew are getting so big.  My brother Frank --who never decides to go anywhere until the very last second -- surprised us all and showed up at the door.  My sister Georgette and brother-in-law Cam came in too (from Connecticut). My dad was so happy and appreciative that all his kids made it out for his birthday.

That night we went to Erie's best (at least, in my family's opinion) restaurant, Papermoon.  I not slamming the city of Erie when I say they don't have great food.  Even people who live there agree.  Don't get me wrong – no matter where I am in the world, I always find something I like.  Erie does have Wegmans which in my opinion is one of the best grocery stores in America.  Because Wegmans is so good, and Carol and Tom are such great cooks, we usually just eat at their house. When we do go out, we get breakfast at Bob Evans (an upscale Denny’s).  Their pot roast hash for breakfast is soooo good.  Here’s more info on Bob Evans.

Believe it or not, I didn't eat at Papermoon.  The reason is because Carol and my cousin-in-law Sheridan from Chicago made my mom's and grandmother's pasta sauce for their kids.  It was so good, I couldn't pass it up. The smell alone brings me back to those Sunday lunches at my grandma's house, and one bite takes me back in time.  I still picture my mom stirring the pot, asking me if it's al dente or not.  Those were the good ol’ days.  Speaking of my mom, I don't know if it's getting easier or harder with time since she has passed on.  I know that after the first year I slowly began emerging from "the fog.”  The first month was the toughest by far -- like being run over by a Mack truck.  These days I am doing alright, but a certain smell (like the pasta sauce), a place, product – anything, for that matter -- can trigger my emotions.  Sometimes I get real sad and seek privacy, but most of the time I just smile and think how lucky I was to have her for 31 years. 

Back to Papermoon.  It's too bad I wasn't hungry, because the food looked good and the noises coming from my family's mouths were shocking.  We had a cake for my dad, and one for Cam too (his birthday was a couple of days earlier). Good food and being with family -- it was a great night.    Papermoon; 1325 State St., Erie, PA 16501; tel.: 814-455-7766.

I didn't take many pictures the rest of the trip, because we spent most of our time back at the house, playing with the  kids and chatting.  One night Georgette and I went over to meet Nancy's (my dad'spartner) mother and sister.  They’re nice people. Then again, I wouldn’t have expected anything else!

Happy travels, 

Johnny Jet

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  • Your article on your visit to Mexico had me drooling with those pictures of all that food. Sounded like a gourmands tour moreso than a gourmet tour. I love Mexican food and that really looked de-e-licious!! Hopefully you'll get to spend Christmas with the family, that's what it's all about. Too bad you weren't in the NY area this past weekend as you could've had a good preview of what a white Christmas might look like. There's no place to compare with NYC during holiday season. Whatever you do, wherever you go, I wish you and Amber a joyous and healthy holiday and New Year.  Burt - N.J.
  • WHAT A GREAT TRIP!  Somehow I don't think any Mexican restaurants around here are the same...! -- Dan - Connecticut
  • Great newsletter.... Scott M - Anchorage, AK
  • Love the newsletter and the cool pics (was that AA in a bikini?).  Anyhoos, I does a bit of traveling myself and want an affordable cell phone solution for quick calls (mostly Europe).  Someone said to get a Vodaphone with a rechargeable card, yet some of my colleagues have TMobile service but seems it's touch and go getting a signal. I thought I would surf into you phone site, but came up empty handed.  Has it gone by the wayside?  Any suggestions? Thanks and Happy Holidays.  Doc.   REPLY: Thanks for your interest.  Check out this website or call 1-800-287-3020.  P.S. It was AA.
  • Dear John; Your article was good but long and lacked your usual humor. We thought it was very informative. Amber looked great. I am sure that anyone who read your article would want to visit. Good show. Dad and Nancy
  • You can be proud because you are doing a remarkable job. I can't fathom how you can do all this and do it so well.  The travel alone has to be so time consuming and then to update all this information is very impressive. I appreciate receiving your newsletter and read it with interest.  Don - Connecticut
  • Your site just continues to get better.  It's so exciting to watch it continue to evolve! Carly - NYC

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