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February 14, 2010 WORLD NEWS TONIGHT (ABC)

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December 7, 2008 RICK STEVES RADIO (100+ NPR STATIONS)

April 10, 2008 ABC NEWS (LOS ANGELES)


December 17, 2007 CHICAGO TRIBUNE

November 20, 2007 CNN (VIDEO)

May 2007 OUTSIDE MAGAZINE (Blown Up)

January 20, 2004 USA TODAY

March 17, 2000 USA TODAY

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 Johnny Jet Users Say...

I wanted to thank you for allowing me to “travel the world” via your outstanding newsletters. My family never traveled due to my brother having birth defects and I have always pined to see the world. Now as an adult, whenever we seem to get close to financially stable, something always happens and we go back to square one. But through your wonderful stories and pictures, I “feel” that I’ve actually had my dream come true! Your Moroccan trip was outstanding and I don’t have to go to Thailand now as you took me there and back. My dream is to still go to Europe someday. How, I’m not sure. Even my lovely wife is afraid to fly. I am 48 and feel like I’m letting life slip away by not seeing the world. But until I’m fortunate enough to possibly travel, I will do so through your own travels and stories. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! -- God Bless, Kevin Marsh - Stuck in Little Rock, AR
I have been telling everyone about your newsletter and website – I feel like I’m part of your family and going along on your trip. Each of your trips is special and so much fun to see where you’re going next. -- Geoffrey, San Diego

I just placed an order for one of your hats and T-shirt for a friend of mine (I already have my own thank you veeeery By the way, I have been reading your newsletter for almost 2 years and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I consider myself a huge fan!! :-) I am always so happy when I see your newsletter in my inbox. You are such an idol of mine. I love to travel and have been many, many places (after your reviews of Fiji and Australia I know where I want to go next). Travel is my true passion (that is why I opened a travel agency). I can feel your enthusiasm in every letter. You are such a great writer. I even have a copy of your book on my desk that I use all the time. Everything about is wonderful. The information, the pictures, the web cams---everything! You do such a fabulous job. Anyway, keep up the great work. I think the future holds many wonderful things for you. I can easily see you hosting a show on the Travel Channel....hmm...move over Samantha Brown! -- Desiree S. - Providence, RI


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