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Sledding In Erie, PA Santa Monica, CA Waikiki Beach, Hawaii 18'' Of Snow In Chicago
Mardi Gras Minneapolis, MN Long Beach, CA Norwalk, CT
Anguilla California Adventures The House Ruth Built HPN-PIT With Pops
Guess Who's Mickey?
Erie, PA
Bandelier National Park
New Mexico
Kentucky Derby Bada Bing Room
Soprano's Set In NYC
On A Talk Show In LA The Belmont Stakes Alaska Rock & Roll Hall
Virgin Atlantic Airlines Salt Lake City, Utah Erie, PA


Westport, CT Safari Hotel ~ Orlando, FL Vancouver, BC Boise, ID
Kona, HI Just Shoot Me Set
Studio City, CA
Indianapolis Cheerleaders Oprah Studio's
A Connecticut Wedding Museum of Naural History Mrytle Beach, SC Pimp & Ho Party in L.A.
London, England Angelica, NY Erie, PA Thanksgiving
Vega$ Tijuana, Mexico

Christmas Day


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