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L.A. To Florida
    Delray Beach, Florida Photos
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    Delray Beach, Florida
    I was in Delray Beach to spend some time with my sister and her family before my next trip; it was a good halfway point. Highlights were walking on the beach each day, playing tennis, and eating at Delray's incredible restaurants. Their newest one is 50 Ocean at Boston's on the Beach (Tel. 561-278-3364). They closed for renovations on August 1 and reopened on October 27. It's run by Ocean Properties, which did a fine job with the renovations. Depending on your mood and budget you can choose between two completely different dining experiences. Downstairs is a sports bar with a ton of flat-screen TVs including small ones at each booth, which gives their retro look a futuristic feel. The second floor has a sophisticated yet chic atmosphere that serves Key West-style food. I had the chicken soup to start ($6) and the surf and turf ($48) for my main. They were both great, but the presentation of the dessert stole my heart. For more information, visit

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